07 March 2012

Noble Knits posted this one this morning. 
I had to share.
Speaking of hope, I have
lettuce and onions popping up!

(No, I cheated--this is from 2009 again!  The current lettuce
would hardly show up in a pic.  I'll wait till it's bigger.)

Other signs of a great day:

  • the Starbucks barista lets you get an "illegal" PSL because they still have the syrup!
  • Not only that, it was free because you had 15 stars and got one of those little post cards in the mail. 
  • Shipping out an Etsy special-order that was just placed yesterday and it's already done.   
  • I found a farmer that will sell me straw for my garden at the beautiful price of $3.50/bale.

Now would be the perfect time to get a new project
going, esp some new Market items that I desperately
need to make or maybe that next quilt that's
on the que...or maybe give my scrappy stars
some sashing. 
But, tomorrow is bookclub...and I've
barely even started the book.  It's going to feel weird
(aka, LAZY!) sitting down in the morning
to read a book but here I go.

How has your day been going so far?

1 comment:

Katy Cameron said...

I wish I'd been reading a book, instead I was working between 2 different sites today and it decided to SNOW horizontally as I went between them - grrrr! You must have sucked up all the good luck for today ;o)

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