05 March 2012

Market Monday: Oriental Journal Cover & Block 11

I feel like such a slacker these days.
Where's my motivation? 
I want to want to work in my sewing room.
But then my energy just kinda fizzles and I'm off
focusing on other boring things like...laundry.

Clearly, I'm ill, choosing things like laundry over sewing.

Swordfish with Lemon, Garlic & Olive Oil.

Well, and cooking but I do looove to cook
and I've been doing some gourmet stuff lately,
if I do say so myself. 

Thank you, Williams-Sonoma.
You make some very inspiring cookbooks.
These are among my favs by them.

First potato bloom--2011

I've also been doing some gardening--today, potatoes
will be joining the onions (150 white, 50 red!) and
salad ingredients (lettuces, radishes, spinach) in the garden.

Well, on to Market Monday.

Here is the other journal cover I made.  I added
and extra pocket and a ribbon marker.

Not real sure about listing this one. 
Someone I know really likes it and
it would make a great gift.

Plus, I also used this vintage button that I've been
saving for just the right purpose.
I love it on there!

Now onto block 11.  I had a nice square
left over from the journal. 

I would've preferred more of the stork showing
 but, this quilt is about scraps and using them up!
Here's hoping Block 12 is finished today...
after I hit the garden.

FYI, I'll be turning word notification back on again for a while.  Sorry, but the recent
outbreak of spam into my mailbox has been pretty disturbing.


Robin said...

very pretty I love the stork fabric but the botton is my fav, thanks for sharing

Robin in Washington State

Katy Cameron said...

Sorry about the lack of sewing time (washing? really? ;o) ) but looks like you enjoyed what you did get to.

BTW, if you turn off anonymous commenting, that should solve your spam issues...

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