19 March 2012

Market Monday: Finally

It's a beautiful rainy spring morning here.
(I know, it's not officially spring yet.  But it feels like it.  I'm excited about
the rain on my garden.  I even planted an early row of beans just in time
for all of this rain that is predicted for the next several days.)
My coffee and I are heading into the sewing room.
But first, I want to share what I accomplished after
putting in every spare minute I had in there last week

The results:

I made five knitting totes.  Five!

I fell in love with this travel-themed fabric.

Postage stamps from far-away places.

Passport stamps.

Small panels of Shanghai & the Eiffel Tower--
perfect for the inside pockets.

This one sold already before I got it listed. 
 And, so much more fabric to play with yet!

I also completed 2 more crayon aprons.

I love this fabric.  So spring-y!

A couple more of these to make yet, too.
I also took a little time out to make a plastic grocery
bag holder at the request of a family member.
I didn't grab a pic but imagine greens and blues with
peaches all over.  Very kitchen-y.

I keep wondering if I'll see my knitting needles soon.
Will I even remember how to do the projects that
I just learned?  Still unfinished are those fingerless
gloves, socks & a scarf.  I miss them.
(it's farther along than that pic up there shows--don't have a current pic)
My fingers miss the needles and yarn.
And I miss relaxing while flipping through blogs.
And piecing a quilt, watching it come together.
The soothing rhythm of free-motion quilting.
I just like to do too many things!
There are certainly worse things in life, though, right?

St. Francis de Sales pointed out that Satan
doesn't always tempt us with bad things.
Too many good things can also be a temptation.
Like becoming overly-involved in multiple charities
and ignoring our own obligations.
I remember that really caught my attention when I read it.
All this sewing, knitting, gardening--all good and
productive activities for a stay-at-home mom.
Just too much?  Hmm....
We'll have to keep an eye on that...
Plans for the week
  Additional 2 aprons & 3 totes. 
More focus on knitting and the garden.
And spring cleaning to do!
 I have more items to try out in the sewing room. 
And quilts to finish...and to start!
The days are just too short, you know!?


annemarie said...

You are amazing - I will never figure out how you do all that you do!

Katy Cameron said...

WTG on all that sewing. If you find those elusive extra hours, let me know, 'kay?

Debbie said...

I love the travel theme fabric...works great here. Cool projects.

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