13 January 2012

She Hits the Nail On the Head Again!

Well, since my first sock class is tomorrow, I've
characteristically waited till the last minute to brush up
on some things.  SO, I'm off for a hot bubble bath
and then I'll be found in my bed, casting this beret on.
Yes, it's a Christmas gift!  Go me!

One of these days I'm gonna get in trouble for this but...
Stephanie's mittens
Exerpt from the Yarn Harlot's blog, written after spending
her day spinning and knitting:
 I think I'm starting to understand why what I think of as a relaxing afternoon doing nothing might be confusing to some. While it has taken me a long time to puzzle it out,  I think now that for a lot of people "relax" means "do nothing" and for me, it means "do what you like." The end result is that people are forever telling me to relax, and I'm forever saying that I already am, and then they're forever sighing and shaking their heads a little sadly, because I just "don't know how to relax" and am clearly destined to a lifetime of relentless, exhausting activity.
Seriously--the woman just gets IT.
There are some beautiful pictures accompanying her blog--
beautiful dreams/goals for this novice knitter.
I think anyone who knits such yummy stuff should be
allowed to relax for the rest of her life!

Today's accomplishments
  6 phone cozies
2 quilt blocks

More on Market Monday!
Have a great weekend!!!


Katy Cameron said...

Yep, that woman definitely gets it! I CANNOT sit in front of the tv with nothing to do, I really can't, drives me nuts!

annemarie said...

Thanks for introducing me to the yarn harlot. I am half way through All Wound Up and love it - she is fantastic. I had put the book on reserve at the library and they had it ready for me in a matter of days. I must read her other books. I totally agree with you - my ideal of relaxing is to do what I enjoy - and that is certainly not being idle. I always have a book and crochet within easy reach!

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