11 January 2012

Random Stuff...And, Oh Yeah. I Opened An Etsy Store.

Didn't get much sewn today as things took a bit of a turn.
Just a quick update:

1)  Through the encouragement of others, including some wonderful blog
followers, I spent my day very quickly opening an Etsy account.  So, not
real sure where to go with my personal Market that I was working on...?
I'm so very excited about it.  I still have a lot to learn and items
to post but 
I've already made a sale!  And from the sweetest artist in Canada. [wink]
Feel free to hop on over to her blog & Etsy store--she does beautiful work!
I have a couple artist-sisters (who hold art degrees) so I can
really appreciate the time, talent and effort there! 
Btw, would love any advice from other Etsy Store Owners out there!
(that's a "Scooters" coffee shop gift card, btw.  Not a certain restaurant
that rhymes with it, that I don't like and won't go to.)

2)  I really should keep my whining to myself but I just have the wierdest
 dizzying head-cold? ear infection? deathly mutating virus? thing going on.  
Other than feeling just a little odd and very dizzy, I feel fine.  Just hate
not quite having my "bearings" about me.  I'm afraid I haven't made
much sense all day and I even fell off of a chair--on which I shouldn't have been 
standing on anyway, but I had a good laugh at myself so I guess it was worth it!
3)  It finally got cooler here and we even got a dusting of snow.  The way
our Kansas wind is blowing, it actually looked like a blizzard for a few seconds
here and there, which got me pretty excited. 
(hint:  If you're dizzy, remaining calm is of the utmost importance.  Just file that one away...)
Now if we'd really get a blizzard.  We had an awesome one last year.
I'd take that again...you know...if Anyone up there is listening?
Well, my apologies--I promise to have a better-quality post next time!
If you stuck it out and made it down to here, you are a blogger's true friend!


annemarie said...

Congrats on opening your Etsy shop - I know you will do well. Hope you get your snow - it is actually cold here in Texas - freeze predicted for tonight and that is unusual here. Hope you feel better tomorrow!

Jennifer McLean said...

Ahh, you're a doll, Cheree. Thanks again for the link and sentiment. Your blog post was wonderfully funny. Although, I certainly hope the dizzy goes away soon.
Keep up the great work, product looking great.

Oh, if you get any Etsy advice, PLEASE slide it over to me too!! I so totally have to learn to promote myself. THis sucks about the "sell" game. lol. ;o)
Talk soon.

PS. did a new painting today, yippee, turned out great, I'll have it up tonight for posting tomorrow. have a great upcoming weekend, make sure you take care of YOU.

Katy Cameron said...

Yay, great idea :o) Feel better soon!

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