31 January 2012

A New Knitter's Goals

As I've mentioned, socks have been a
knitting goal of mine for a long time. 
I ended last year by learning to knit in the round;
then I started 2012 off right by taking a sock class.
I think that means things are progressing quite
nicely in the knitting department!

They may look like something Grandma knitted
but, here they are:  my very first socks. 

We were taught these simple bootie-type socks
(that, quite frankly, I'll probably never wear!  I'm not a fan of short socks, nor am I
a fan the big stitches/yarn in socks...but I'm still proud of them!)
but with this knowlege, I can now progress onto
the real thing. 

I'm so excited to work my way
up to something like this:

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Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, that pair you're aiming for looks cool!

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