15 January 2012

Market Monday & A Thread Giveaway

Welcome to Market Monday. 
My weekly motivation to get lots done!

Firstly, I now have my very own Etsy store,
up and running though I still need to list more
 of my items.  And, though I have plenty of ideas
already, I'm always on the hunt for more.  

This was a big move for me but it's
been so fun, I don't know why I waited!

  I completed 8 more phone cozies and will
be listing them in my etsy shop as soon as I
 can take some better pictures in the daylight.

Two (not pictured) should arrive in Texas by Tuesday.

From the beautiful Dublin comes a thread
giveaway over at Patchwork Delights. 
And who couldn't use more thread!?
Please let her know I sent you.  :o)
Side-note:  I just may be heading back to Dublin this fall. 
Of course this time I'll be going back as a knitter so I'll have to
bring an extra suitcase JUST for yarn!

I've been pretty remiss in noting my blog hitting
the "100 Followers" mark but I've been very excited
about it.  I'm so jumping-up-and-down happy about
every single one of you that are here!!!
I'm thinking you all deserve a "giveaway"! 
Stay tuned...
Stay tuned also for the scrappy blocks I
completed this past week, too.


Katy Cameron said...

Yay for your stocking up on your shop, and congrats on your 100.

I might have to confess to being Irish and never having been to Dublin. To be fair, I'm from North of the border, but I've made it all the way down the west coast to Doolin on numerous occasions, both via Donegal and through the middle counties from Belfast, I really ought to get to Dublin eventually! Maybe when I win the lottery!

annemarie said...

How exciting to go to Dublin - my ancestors all came from Ireland to I am a proud American Irishlady! I have always dreamed of visiting Ireland - I am sure it is a beautiful, quaint country. Just visited Patchwork Delights - lovely blog.

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