30 January 2012

Market Monday -- Child's Crayon Apron

When I was young, a good friend gave me a
"crayon apron" for my birthday.  If only that friend's
grandmother, who made the apron, had only
known that I would end up keeping it long
 enough for my own girls to use it!

I've since passed that one on but I wanted
to make another for my new Etsy shop,
especially with Easter on the way.

This apron holds 24 crayons and is perfect
for any little girl who loves to color.
(I have no pattern or directions but I'm sure a regular apron pattern
could easily be altered for this if you wanted a little "help".)

I've made several of these in the past for gifts--
gifts that got a lot of use!
Wouldn't it look cute in an Easter basket?

Fresh Poppy Design

Strictly Homemade Tuesday


Anonymous said...

How sweet! I have always wanted to get one of these for my daughter and now I know where to find them. She loves her Easel, being organized, and the crayon apron will be the perfect thing for a sweet spring gift!

Your photos and Etsy shop are lovely! Hope you have a wonderful day today ~ xo

Lisa said...

This is seriously cute! I'd love to make one like this!

Amy said...

Love it!
My mom used to make these. However, hers were more of the around the neck style apron. She would make them out of denim :) Fond memories!

Denise said...

Now you'll have to make one for a boy maybe a little shorter with tools and trucks on it ;) cause even boys like to color...

Katy Cameron said...

What a cute idea!

annemarie said...

Such a cute idea - I love aprons. I have fond memories of growing up with a mother and grandmother who always wore aprons.

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