19 January 2012

Knitting & Sewing, Sewing and Knitting

Can't seem to make up my mind these days.
Which do I want to do more?  So, I've been doing both. 

Third basic hat.  Try #3...because I seem to have to go
at things 3 times before I get it right, I guess. 

I bought this yarn several years ago on mark-down.
It didn't even have a label so I don't even know
what it is!  Need to do a burn-test.

Curses on these metal dpns.  My bamboo ones are on the sock!
Fyi, if you're learning, buy wood ones!

I have 2 more blocks to show and another almost finished.

I'm curious:  is there a such thing as "too scrappy"? 
What was I thinking with these fabrics?  I thought about 
re-doing it but when I put it with the rest, it was kind of a
nice little variation with the rest of the colors.  This is my first "cathedral"
and I wasn't real sure what was going on.  The points aren't great,
that's for sure (that bottom one looks worse in the pic, tho). 

Here's another one that I didn't really know where I was at till I was
done, and it went together in kind of an odd way.  I'm not real experienced
with triangles and their placement so I was kind of guessing--you'll
see the bottom of the middle square doesn't quite meet at the points. 
But, I'm leaving it.  In some ways, it was a fun block and now that
 I know what I'm doing, I think a whole quilt of them would be pretty but...
I just don't like having to cut out pattern pieces.  I'm more of a
rotary cutter/strip-piecing kinda girl but it was nice to try something
different, I guess.

Side note:  If you are a follower with a blog and have noticed I am not
a follower of yours, please let me know.  I'm starting to realize that I've missed
some--I would love make sure you are all on my reading list!


Katy Cameron said...

Don't think there can be any such thing as too scrappy! I have no idea if you're a follower, but feel free to hop on over! http://thelittlestthistlecraftshop.blogspot.com/

PDTE said...

Hi Cheree

"PEEP" the owl is doing well and says hi!

You are not following my blog at this stage, but I don't seem to post much lately anyway.

if you want to pop over I am

I am enjoying reading your work.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Your sock tops match a sweater I have. I don't know how you can keep up with all those needles at once.

Denise said...

Your blocks look fine to me. I dont know any Quilt Police LOL. I'm going to be starting a paper pieced quilt kit soon. I took a class over at Craftsy on paper piecing and it looks really easy. You dont have to worry so much about matching up the points cause they match up on their own...

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