31 January 2012

Block 9 and Other Projects

I'm caught up on the Fat Quarter Stars!
(Or, as I call it, the Scrappy Stars.)

Nothing too special here today.
If I were to do it again, I would make the
background fabric more interesting, applique
something in the middle square or maybe
fussy-cut some sort of fun print for that middle.

I still like it and it will certainly work for my scrappy
little quilt...which, btw, I'm getting
pretty anxious to complete.

Now I actually have to wait for block 9.
And, while I wait, I'm working on my coins.
(top & backing completed)

And getting ready to start that beret.
And having knitting friends over for coffee while
attempting to teach one to knit in the round.
(There is a good reason I did not pursue a career in teaching...!)

I still seem to be avoiding that Very Merry
Christmas quilt.  It's just laying around
in my sewing room, getting in the way. 
I'd love for this will be the week.
I've got to stay on top of my
Winter Stitching List
before gardening season hits.

"Winter."  Bah.  The TREES are budding!
This is NOT a good sign!
Where's my snow???

Fresh Poppy Design


Katy Cameron said...

Yay for catching up, now get quilting on that poor abandoned Christmas project! If you want snow, BTW, apparently this weekend we're getting it over here, come on over!

Amy said...

I love the simplicity of this block! Are all of these going together into one quilt?

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Colorado has your snow! Great quilts there. I agree, I think the stars would also look neat with a fussy cut center in each.

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