What Fuels Our Creative Passions Part III: Our Space

(Part 3 of 4 of a series of "end of the year" musings)

Isn't our creative space almost sacred--to be untouched by those not trained in the arts?   And haven't we all figured out the type of space that works for us?  (Whether we have it or not is another story for another day...)  Some work best in orderly spaces, others with their tools and supplies strewn about in artistic abandon.  Some like pictures, finished works, books and other items all around for inspiration while others prefer things blank so the mind can be free to think. 

My creative space is always changing. and I bet yours is, too.  Just as tastes change, new hobbies come in and old ones move out.  And that's good--it means I'm not standing still.  Am I creating with what I have?  WHERE are the things I have?  In my mind, if I don't know, then I have too much.  I used to have finished quilt projects proudly displayed on the walls of my room...till one day I felt stifled by them.  My tastes had changed.  So out they went and in came clean, bright walls with just a touch of art and lots of functionality.  I wanted to be able to see and reach everything but I wanted it neat and organized.  Now it's my supplies that inspire me, not projects.  Evolution.  Right there in my sewing room.  And I still have one whole blank "wall of potential".  I just don't think it should happen all at once.  Patience.   It'll evolve with me. 

A Few Must-Haves For My "Studio"

Visible Supplies:  ie, fabric, yarn, needles, thread
Home-y scented reed diffuser (or soy candle)
Books & Patterns



Debbie said…
Yes, evolving is good. I function better in a clean, neat work space. Less distraction produces more focus. I do believe you have it figured out!
I love your sanctioned off space. We're working on making one for me upstairs although everyone will be allowed in it... how else can you raise creative beings unless you let them get in there and create.
Katy Cameron said…
Oh yes, evolution is the only way to go if you don't want to lose interest entirely! Love your must have list, but I'll trade the cat for a TV/DVD player :oD