What Fuels Our Creative Passions, Part II

I've coveted these Pier 1 beauties for a long time.  Today, I caved.  I mean, when you think something is just as beautiful today in the store as you did standing there a year ago and all the visits inbetween, doesn't that say something?   Tastes can certainly come and go, just like 2011.   But I've always been a sucker for a good pattern and great color.  And lately, textures as well.  I think these dishes have them all.   Which means I now have them all.   Oh, lucky, lucky me. 

Santa's Workshop Fat Quarter Bundle Doodlebug Design for Riley Blake Designs

I love to create but I never think of myself as an artist.  A few have even called me talented, which I emphatically deny.  All I've ever done is follow others' directions.  There are only one or two completely original works of my "art" in my home as we speak write read.  Well, sort of "completely original".  I didn't design the fabric, and that's what got me going in the first place.

Sunny Happy Skies 5 

Do you ever walk through a fabric/quilt store and, sure it's all great but some print just grabs you?  I mean physically stops you in your tracks?  Or, if you're a knitter, it's yarn.  Sometimes I'm almost glad the really good fabrics and yarns are expensive.  It keeps me in check....sort of.   I really do NOT know how you scrappers control yourselves.  I can't walk by the scrapbook section in Michael's without fondling the paper.  I know, it's just paper but what can I say?  

53 22425 

Patterns and colors.   Maybe aside from a good latte or mocha, nothing can get my creativity flowing like patterns and colors.  I don't know that I could ever create them but I sure like to have them.   So, what I want to know is, what in our nature causes us to choose the ones we do?  I know it's built in our DNA but what makes us feel we must have a specific pattern/color/textured...thing?  Did the first human creatures on the earth NEED this ability for survival?   It can't be that the prettiest plants are the yummiest--some are poisonous.  Is the prettiest and softest pelt the warmest?  Kind of doubting it.   If there's a psychologist or historian, or other appropriate -ist or -ian out there, I await your insight.


You don't want to be around me if things have gotten too busy to allow for any creating.  It's almost as bad as when I go without coffee.  The first man probably didn't have the luxury of choosing the color of his food or pelt but he still had to be creative in making the best use of these items.  Creativity satiated.  But now, goodness knows, we've long since passed that scary time.  I suppose it's actually pathetic but because we no longer have to create, sometimes we require inspiration to create?   Insert colors and patterns (and plates!).  Ba-bing.  We've creatively figured out a way to inspire our creativity.   It's like the Circle of Life.  In paper.  In fabric.  In yarn.  And in dishes. 
What inspires you to create?

How do you surround yourself with it/them to keep the inspiration going?


Katy Cameron said…
I have scrapbooked in the past, I just moved on to a fabric addiction via a couple of other things, including teddy bears lol I think I'm actually better with the fabric when it comes to originality, but that may be just because my design thought processes have evolved.

All sorts of things inspire me, from billboards to nature to buildings - I actually spent an entire meeting at work recently totally distracted by the amazing architecture that I could see out the window (to be fair, I wasn't required to participate much in the meeting lol) I think there's a mini of buildings in my future (and I may have to book more meetings up in that building to check things out ;o) )

If you want a bit of colour/fabric therapy, check out Laura's competition: http://quokkaquilts.blogspot.com/2011/12/bloggers-choice-fat-quarter-bundle.html

Anywho, enjoy your new dishes :o)
Everything inspires me to create. The yarn that I see/touch, my family, my emotions, my environment... if it's in my world then it inspires me.

I think crafty or creative people view the world different though. We see color palettes and textures and possibilities where most simply see "things" - I, for one, hope to never see just "things" for a single moment in my life.

Your new dishes are fabulous - I love them.
Debbie said…
I am so jealous of the dishes....wish I had room in my cabinet for some. They are beautiful...color and design. Great purchase.
Small treasures often bring me inspiration....the shape of a vase, the colors in the garden, the pattern of sunlight and shadow, a note card design.
Great series and good thoughts in these posts.