The Weekend's Holiday Accomplishments

I started this past weekend with a big list. 
The boys helped me put up our flocked tree.

Messy but so worth it.

Definitely worth it.  I found it at the store a week
or so after Christmas several years ago,
unwanted because the box had been open.  
The manager saw me looking at it and threw out,
"Hey, I'll sell it to you for $30!?" 
Well, who am I to pass up 90% off?
I think it was meant for me us. 

And for our sunroom which has three walls
of big windows, exposing the tree to the outside
in three different directions.

Imagine being inside, snuggling under a blanket in
a cozy leather chair with a book or some knitting,
Christmas music playing and hot tea in your favorite 
cup.  You take a sip, sit back and just
enjoy the tree's grace and snowy-white warmth...
(Does that make sense?  "Snowy white warmth"?  Can a tree be graceful?
Oh, flocked tree owners, you know what I'm talking about!)

Well, back to my list...

I finished making two gifts.

This little lunch bag was
a lot of fun and will be perfect for...oops.  
I will say no more.
I'm planning on making another, too.

I finished this very simple scarf but would like to
add a little something to it to make it more
special--a small flower on one end, both ends?
Any ideas?

This is a WIP that I really wanted to be a man's scarf...
but everyone keeps telling me that the pattern looks
kind of scalloped and "girl-y".  What do you think?
I can sure make a different one and this can
go to someone else. 

I packaged up so many homemade gifts (including
the little owls!), adding in my own tags to let the
receivers know "this gift was special-made
 just for him/her".  I tend to just keep adding in
more handmade items throughout the season
if/when time allows.  What can I say?  It's fun.

 With these, I placed 2 Starbucks Via packets inside.
 On the tag I explained how it can be used at home
around a favorite mug to help keep a drink warm.
Or to provide one's own reusable sleeve when
ordering "to go".  Eco-friendly!

How funny that when I was putting these together,
I was on the phone with my mom, who chose that
exact time to mention she that wanted one of
those "coffee cup wrap things."  *snicker*
I've made quite a few of these.

I wrapped many of my own family's gifts, now
under our "downstairs" tree--and out of my closet! 
(excuse my messed-up date in corner of pic!  I can't figure out how to
remove it...and I just noticed the year is wrong!)

I barely got a start on quilting this Friday night
but it was put aside.

There are still more items to be checked off of my
 list and lots more hand-made gifts to finish
but we have lots of time yet.

Busy, to be sure, but I feel like I'm doing okay... 
so far.  Especially if this week goes as planned.
And it's all so enjoyable.  I really should just
work at the North Pole--in fact, I'm sending in
my application at the first of the new year. 
My lack of height should help there, too...

(I am so sorry!  I can't remember whose blog this was on!)

So, let's all relax.  Enjoy a coffee. 
And our favorite Christmas tree.

And stop to think about
Who's coming in just a few weeks. 
Are we preparing for Him, too?

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Miranda said…
Ok, your tree is seriously awesome. For the past 8 years or so we've just had one of those metal trees with the lights on it..the kind that are supposed to go outside. It's totally tacky but it goes up in a flash and we can still decorate it. I think a flower would look nice on the brown scarf.
Katy Cameron said…
Aww, your tree looks fab! Perfect to sit next to with the family.

As for the gifts, love them, and the grey scarf looks perfectly masculine to me!
Gail said…
Your tree is beautiful Cheree! I love all your homemade gifts and would love to be on the receiving end for each one! You are so creative.

Have a wonderful day,
Sheila said…
The tree is gorgeous! I've never been a fan of flocked trees (probably b/c they've all been ugly, Charlie Brown-esque, live trees that have been totally OVER flocked, lol) but I have never seen an artificial flocked tree! Totally going on my "must have some day" list!

Your handmade gifts are truly inspiring!
Simply Tasheena said…
Great ideas, Thanks for sharing!

~Mrs. Delightful
Unknown said…
Tree love!!! It really is so warm and inviting...Thanks for sharing at my "18 Days til Christmas" linky party :-)