Tree At Night & Temporary Word Verification

I've completed a few more Christmas gifts!
(sorry, can't post pictures!)
Could there possibly be a relaxing
Christmas Eve in my future? 
I hope you're seeing one as well!

I didn't take the time to get the tripod out but
I did snap a couple pics of the tree tonight.

Side Note
Please excuse the comment word verification. 
I've received quite a few spams in the last week so
I'll have the verification enabled for maybe another
week to see if this will help.


Your Christmas tree looks fabulous Cheree
Debbie said…
The flocked tree is beautiful. The spammers and phishers are everywhere this year...much worse than in the past I it is wise to do all you can to avoid.
Katy Cameron said…
Oooh, pretty tree :o) And I don't actually mind the verification, it's the embedded comments forms that drive me loopy!
Miranda said…
Your tree looks so pretty. I love trees with lights on pictures. You should try taking one with a longer exposure, then you get the starburst effect on the lights. Kinda fun to do! As a side note, the other night when I tried to come to your blog it told me it had "been removed" I was worried, but it was back the next day. Thought it was strange..
annemarie said…
Lovely tree - I really love a flocked tree. Sorry about the spam - I know that that is so frustrating.
Gail said…
Your tree is beautiful Cheree!