24 December 2011

Not A Creature Is Stirring--Not Even Me!

Everything is done.  Everything. 
So, how about a few more pics?

These ceramic mini-loaf dishes from Michael's
are perfect for handing out some of the richest 
stuff ever--cappucino fudge.

I like to use bits of floral picks in place of ribbons.

I found this Cherry Oat Scone Mix with printables.

Just for fun and to keep in the holiday spirit,
(because I actually completed everything two whole days early!)
fixed up two of these mixes for a friend today,
making the second one "cranberry" for a little variety.

  I'm already thinking of doing more of this
type of gift next year. 

 I know jar mixes have been around a while
but who wouldn't like a little help with
the baking during the holidays?  Especially
when one is busy making gifts like these:

I'm uber-proud of these hats I made for the boys.
I just learned to knit in the round and have these
to show for it.

I won't go into any details about the
tears, frustration, un-doing, starts and re-starts.
I will just bring up again that I have knitter's ADD.

Just give me complete peace and quiet
and it'll turn out like this.
(You serious knitters out there--please just humor me!
Try to remember when you were learning and simple things
like this were a major accomplishment!) 

That's all I can share for now.
May the peace and joy He brings come to you
and yours this Christmas and in the coming year!
Blessings to all and to all
a good night!
crafters a good night's sleep!


Carol Stuck said...

Your gift jars are beautifully wrapped!! I am sure anyone receiving them will be thrilled. And your knitted hats are terrific. Good job :-)

Merry Christmas!

Gail said...

Stopping by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas....hugs...Gail

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, love the last of your gifts, and the hats look fab! I was just saying to my dad though, I find myself feeling strangely off-kilter this year - I finished the last bits and pieces half an hour ago, which makes it 11 pm on the 24th, I'm never normally that early... ;o)

Merry Christmas, and hope Santa's good to you :o)

Miranda said...

The jars look beautiful! And the hats looks great. They will love them :) I was just thinking earlier today (as I was slaving away making a camera case that is getting the better of me) that we make things for people and they don't even know what a pain in the rear it has been for us, we just want to see them happy and enjoy what we have made. Merry Christmas!

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