Little Gifts: Cell Phone Cozy

I love this cell phone cozy that Sarah from
Fairy Face Designs came up with. 
Perfect for my girls, I used the idea
for their Hand-made Christmas Eve Gifts.
I just had the picture to go off of but this is my
version.  Because time was an issue,
I used a ponytail holder for the button fastener.
(I got that idea from the coffee cozies out there.)

(yes, if you zoom in you'll see that I was rushing so much that I didn't even change
out my black bobbin thread when I did the applique.  Not my best work, either
 but, you know how it is when Christmas is inching closer and closer!)

I do prefer the covered-button look that Sarah
chose so if I ever get around to making one for
me, I'll probably take the time for that option. 

And, guess what?
She recently posted a tutorial for
these if you are interested in making your own. 
 I'm hoping to get one sewn up for myself.
I love how it loops onto the strap/handle of your
purse for easy access--I need that!

Thanks, Sarah!  I think my girls really like them!


Katy Cameron said…
Great job just working off the pic! I made one too for my dad, and he's even using it... (well, at the moment anyway, I suspect once I'm away home he might stop again lol)