Fabric & Yarn--Materialistic Loves & A Scarf Embellishment

I discovered a new fabric today.
(50% off with code FARMYARD, today only)

Hen House Home to Roost Fat Quarter Bundle Heather DuPont for In the Beginning Fabrics

I had my own lamb ("L'Ami") when I was young,
grew up on a farm, have chickens now, love owls...
This fat quarter bundle is perfect for me.
(yes, you may yell at me for not sticking to the "make it with what I have" rule)

I also snatched up some yarn this morning
while out on a coffee run. 
(I have a secret dream to run a coffee shop that opens to a knitting &
crafting room on one side for everyone to just hang, or maybe even
take classes.  C'mon, how fun would THAT be? 
As Howard Schulz puts it, we all need a "third place"!)

I have two, hopefully three, scarves to make.
Oh, and my first "knitting in the round" class
is tomorrow. I'm a little crazy doing this at such
a busy time but I'm making a gift (hat) in the class
 so I see it as some smart multi-tasking. 

One other random thing...

Excuse the poor lighting in this pic but here
is how I made that very simple scarf a little more
special.  don't know what else to do with bucle
other than just make a plain K-stitch scarf? 

This was my first try at rolled flowers
but by the third one, I think I got it figured out.
 What do you think? 
 My mom and DH gave it two thumbs up, and they
are both  what I consider to be good, honest critics.

I'm off to see what knitting I can accomplish with
the rest of this day.  Lucky me! 
I get to stay home ALL DAY!
Happy holiday creating!

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annemarie said…
Cute fabric. Love your scarf and your rolled flowers are definitely two thumbs up - really a nice way to finish off the scarf. Happy knitting!
Debbie said…
The scarf is great and rolled flowers love wonderful on it. I think it is a really special touch. Love your idea of cafe and craft knit place....my daughter would be there in a heart beat!
Lisa said…
Love the little rolled flowers. That scarf looks cozy, my neck is craving it! My mom crochets and knits but I've never mastered it. Can't say I've really applied myself to learn either. I love quilting and cross stitch. I currently have a seven month infant and a two year old, plus a 7 and 10 year old, so no lack of things to do around here!
Gail said…
Oh Cheere how I love your dream and I would love it even more if you opened that coffee shop close to me because I would be a regular visitor there! Your scarf is beautiful!

Enjoy your day knitting,
Katy Cameron said…
Cute scarf, and way to multi-task with the class ;o)
Brittany said…
Love your rolled flowers! The perfect touch for the scarf. I'm your newest follower :) would be so grateful if you stopped by ours too!
Unknown said…
I "crazy" love it!! I am a huge fan of scarves and would buy every one that I find if I could...Thanks for sharing at my "18 Days til Christmas" linky party...

I'm your newest follower!!