18 December 2011

Creative Gift "Basket"

To simplify, we try to give more family gifts
rather than individual ones.  We also prefer
giving "experiences" rather than material things--
of which, let's face it, most of us have too much.
Coming up with a creative way to give them is
probably my favorite part.

I've known for months that we'd be giving
family memberships to a nearby aquarium.   
 Goldfish crackers and Swedish Fish came to mind
and the DH came up with Lifesavers but I wanted
something to pull this one together. 
And I needed it within 18 hours.

 I've noticed that Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous 
has been posting Christmas &/or craft questions
from followers on Facebook.  How cool is that?
Help from 1,000's of other crafters.
So, to save time, I asked!

Fishbowls!  Of course!  And I had my answer
in minutes!  So grateful to those creative ladies!
I also picked up blue tinsel garland for the "water"
at the bottom of the bowl.

I wrapped them up in celophane and slipped 
red glittery leaves in the tie for a little bling.
I think they turned out great, and they seemed to
be received very well today at one family Christmas. 
How fun!  Now to start thinking on next year's!

One other gift that I can actually post...

I knitted up this wool scarf for--op!  Can't say.

I already have another one of these started, 
and a scarf for a friend's daughter.
My knitting in the round class is over and I've now
finished one hat but have another to go.
But for now, a nice cup of hot chocolate....

with just a tiny bit of Bailey's!
And, speaking of Bailey....How 'bout
George Bailey? 

Yep.  Watching it.
Isn't it truly a wonderful life?

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Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

your fish bowl card holders turned out so stinkin cute! thanks for sharing a link :) and so glad you got inspired from my FB page!
happy crafting,

Gail said...

What a wonderful gift idea Cheree! I've never had Bailey's in Hot chocolate only in coffee. I'll have to give it a try in some hot chocolate.

Merry Christmas Cheree to you and your family.


Katy Cameron said...

Hee hee, love the fish bowls and the lifesavers!

Debbie said...

Great ideas.....love the blue water too. I've done "movie pass and popcorn" and "date nights". Lots of fun.

annemarie said...

Love the fish bowl idea - maybe they will put it to good use and buy a little goldfish! You are doing great in the knitting department - I keep telling myself someday I will be a knitter!

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