A Very Merry Christmas Quilt

Today I started on a Christmas Quilt.

I picked up this Riley Blake layer cake
a few months ago and have been watching
for just the right pattern for it.

If you're ever in need of boosting your
quilting/crafting mojo, a visit to a favorite
store always helps. 

My favorite quilt shop had this beauty
hanging on the wall. 
(Sorry about the cel phone pic, plus, it was hanging high on
the wall and there was a shadow being cast on it.)

The pattern looks nothing like it.
(pictured on the left; the other is for another day!)
I really prefer the fabrics/colors
that the quilter at the shop chose.

The fabric requirements are given in yardage
and not "layer cakes" so I was concerned about 
wasting a bit of fabric; I also made sure the
quilt shop had plenty of these on hand for
whatever I'd still need after cutting up the cake.

Here are my rows so far, hanging on top
 of my organizer buckets.
(that shelf comes in handy for SO many things!)
I do need to buy a little more fabric and the borders
 but you can get a little idea of how it's going to look. 
(I really didn't waste much of the layer cake, btw.)
I kinda miss the blue that the quilt shop's had.
Maybe I'll just have to make another one?

I use clothespins to mark everything.  On one
side, I have letters; on the other, I have numbers.
I pencil these "codes" in on the pattern to coordinate
and keep track of what's what so that
it's just easier to put together...and to know where
I'm at if I have to set it aside for a while.

It's good for little notes to myself, too.  My ADD
 issue shows up in quilting as well as my
knitting so I've learned to keep uber-organized!

Well, that's as far as I could go today.
I'm not going to make it back into the quilt shop till
Wednesday so look for more photos then!

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Katy Cameron said…
Wow, that's uber organised! I take photos, and then usually forget to reference them lol
Amy said…
Love it! The design and the fabric! And can't wait to see what you do with it :)
annemarie said…
Love the Riley Blake fabric - love your organization methods!
Rachel said…
WOW, what a difference the fabric choices make. I, too would have loved the one on the wall and would not have noticed the package! Great idea about clothespins!
Debbie said…
Wow, love the clothespin idea! Common sense and practical too. Fabrics are great and fun. Color choices always make the difference. Narrow strip of darker value for the first border will help set it off. Can't wait for the finish.
What pretty fabric! Can't wait to see it finished. You are so organized and talented , maybe someday I can try to accomplish a quilt like that ;)
maria said…
I'm sure you'll love the colurs whan the quilt is finished. Good luck with the finish. I'm visiting from fabric Tuesday.