01 November 2011

Transformation Part II: In the Sewing Room

Remember this?

Well, it's all painted, in my sewing room and  
mostly filled up with supplies.  Yes, one bin
is still empty--amazing, isn't it?  LOL

How do you like the buckets?  The sizes are
 slightly different but I think it kinda helps them
hang closely together.  I may print labels but
I'm waiting to make sure these are all items
that I will be using most frequently.


Want a quickie-tour of my sewing room?

Basket to the far left?  Where my black cat 
Natasha sleeps whenever I'm in here--
unless she's messing with my current project.

Under-Cover Toys:
My cricut is on the big table (beneath buckets). 
On the corner table, which works well for my for my
 laptop, is a  laminator/story-book maker
by cricut.  (love to hear from anyone that's used this machine)
Never used it but hope to soon, esp. for gifts. 
  The larger "toy" is my Pfaff embroidery machine.
(My wonderful dh bought this for me several years ago but
GUESS WHAT?  Under the table sits our ancient computer--with an
older version of Windows on it so that I can still use my machine.  
Updated Pfaff software to put on a newer computer? 
$800...didn't even pay that for the machine!   Lame-tastic.)

Another angle, with my Ott light & the computer.
I plan to put a vinyl quote above all of this:
"Make Each Day Your Masterpiece!"
Should pull it together nicely, huh?

I repurposed all of our old kitchen furniture in my
sewing room--like this baker's rack which is so
handy for books, fabric and other supplies.

More black wire bins!  :o)

This little cart is next to my sewing machine
cabinet and is where I store stamps, ink and
cricut scrapbook supplies (other than paper).
 Love that it rolls around--a couple more of these
would be nice but, I bought the last one.

That's pretty much it, other than the closet.
(lots of fabric, supplies, books, UFO's and WIP's in there!)
It's about 9.5' X 11' (not incl the closet)--not tiny but
a little more space would be nice.  Still, you'll
get no complaints out of me.  Maybe it's good
to have limits...keeps my "stuff" to a minimum.

I've taken my time so as to make sure everything
 is practical, functional, and efficient for me. 

So far, I'm happy with my "studio". 
It's my space to create. 

 My next room-project is to make that smaller table into a
covered  ironing area so I don't have to drag out the big
ironing board, which takes up a lot of space.  I'm using this idea.



annemarie said...

Wow this is a wonderful space - enjoy!!

Katy Cameron said...

I want your studio! But that empty basket, seriously? Nothing? lol

Gail said...

Cheree your sewing room looks great and I love those little buckets!

Have a wonderful day,

Debbie said...

Love your space and the rack looks so good ....all filled up too. Great organization. My room is a total mess.

SeeingStars said...

You have a wonderful studio and I can see the inspiration from Sew Many Ways in there! LOL! I'm also gleaning inspiration from well organized sewing and craft studios. I've recently converted the old screened in porch into a sunroom studio (thanks to last spring's tornados). No fabrics are stored there, but I love my new space to play. Somehow, I managed to overcome the jitters and paint a few pieces of furniture for the studio. Even modified an old dresser/buffet to become my cutting table.

Enjoy your studio! Looking forward to seeing your next masterpiece.

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