02 November 2011

Parliament is In Session / Noble Knits Give-Away

I keep forgetting to announce:
they're done!

All 13 of them (one not pictured).

Don't forget to "sign up" for the give-away here.

And here's another give-away from Noble Knits!

NobleKnits Knitting Blog

I wish I knew more about yarns!  Maybe some day
 I'll be more experienced in knitting.  I do know 
that I'd be happy to knit anything with any of these!
I'm not a big shopper but I could shop online
all day, every day! 
In mah comfy-clothes, of course! 


annemarie said...

Wow, your owl are so cute - are you doing a craft fair or are they all gifts?? Thanks for the info on the yarn giveaway - I love yarn almost as much as fabric. I am only a basic knitter but I sure do love to crochet.

Debbie said...

Just catching up and saw the ad on the sidebar for Amazon. So if I am ordering from them and I click thru your link, do you get $$ and cents? How does that work?
I will be ordering next month probably for the quilt guild, and I will try to remember.

Rachel said...

They really are just SO adorable...Thanks for sharing a great Parliament :-)

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