13 November 2011

The Origin of the "Angry" Cartoon Bubble

You know the little scribble that appears over 
a cartoon character to show extreme
anger &/or frustration?

I know where it came from!  The first cartoonist
to use this "angry scribble" was a knitter. 
I just know it.

Here's my latest knitting project...
after 2 1/2 hours on the road.
It's a scarf.
(You're feeling me here, aren't you?)

1)  I have knitter's ADD.  I cannot do ANYthing
else while doing any knitting that requires
any counting--even very simple patterns. 
(Driving through the KS country-side on a beautiful fall day,
trees all aglow,  is certainly no exception.)

2)  I probably ought to knit a little more throughout
the year so that I actually remember how 
once the Christmas/gift-giving season arrives.

Still, my boys were extremely entertained by the
third, and most especially, the fourth
 "tear out" tantrum that I threw
(purely for their benefit--I really was not that upset!)
so it was all pretty much worth it. 

We did get to have a "family" day up at
my daughter's college this weekend. 

(Here are my two girls before the game.)

Today I started a simpler project just to get
back "in" to it and it's going well enough.

My question for you knitters out there:
How do you EVER get anything knitted while
talking, travelling, watching tv, etc.?
Will I ever get there?
(and, yes, I do keep a chart/tally--it's in the picture
up there...under the "scarf")

PS.  Mix It Up Monday should return next week!


Denise said...

You'll get it just practice, practice, practice. I always knit when I am sitting in the car or watching TV. I even read my kindle while knitting. As long as it's repetitive and not complicated it's no problem. Now I wouldnt knit lace unless I was concentrating soley on the knitting but plain socks, sweaters and such dont take that much thought to knit.

annemarie said...

I am the same way as you are - knitting drives me crazy - now crochet is another story. I can do that with my eyes closed - well not really. Have you tried crochet - much easier to correct mistakes and much easier to rip out (if need be). I seem to have a knitting mental block!

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