Mrs. Claus: Have Scraps, Will Share

It's kinda funny what we crafty people get
ourselves into sometimes.  We've all been

Last night when I read through Stitchin' Therapy's
latest post, I realized that Debbie could use a little
help.  I have no doubt she could pull this off
but having to do so much just seemed like a
little too much stress for one person!  Besides,
a little help just makes things more fun.

Check out what this woodworkers guild
has been busy building! 
(Mind if I borrow a pic, Debbie?  These are so cute!)

Very impressive, gentlemen! 
And for such a good cause!  Bravo!

But, they'll need 50 doll blankets to go with them.

Now, of course this reminded me that when
I was very little, there were just two people that 
I wanted to be when when I grew up: 

1)  A grandma. 
2)  Mrs. Claus. 

I kid you not! 
I have 4 kids so I think "Grandma" is a "go".
"Mrs. Claus" is probably not going to happen
but I can sure make a good run at it, no?

I'll post what I've gotten done so far tomorrow
but I think Debbie could still use a little more help!
If you are able and would like to get your own
"Mrs. Claus" on a little early this holiday season,
please hop on over to Stitchin' Therapy
for more details!


Debbie said…
I do think you named this project...Get your Mrs. Claus on! I love it. Thanks so much for giving me the nudge, and for jumping in and helping. Huge hugs.
annemarie said…
I agree - such a good cause - I am going to check it out.