Just In Time...For Next Year

Crossing another item off my Winter Stitching List.

It may not have been done in time for Halloween
but it is done in plenty of time for next year!
Directions for this 56X56 "Halloween Stars" quilt
can be found in Thimbleberries: Quilting for Harvest
by Lynette Jensen.   (listed under Amazon recommendations)

Don't you hate it when you REALLY have your FMQ
groove on and the phone keeps ringing?  When I
first started on the black border, I had it going on but
then I totally lost it at several points so this quilt is a
real mixture of "great" and "so-so."  I suppose the leaf
border doesn't really go but it's one that I can do
quickly and I just like it.  I do need to learn some
new ones--I'm feeling very limited! 
The star/moon fabric is the backing, btw.

At the advice of a blogger friend, I finally picked up
 some of these.  If you are like me and you've put this
off for say, 8 or 9 years, do yourself a favor.  STOP
what you're doing and go get yourself a pair.

See how the fingertips have a coating?  Grabs the quilt
 really well.  WHY WHY WHY did I not pick these up the
first second I'd heard of them?  I've also heard you can
just use gardening gloves...but mine are all very dirty! 
And, these fit much better than gardening gloves.

Kitties on fabric...

Kitty on fabric.

She just likes to feel it.  Really.  I have to tell her
to get off of my projects constantly.

Incidentally, that's the remaining fabric that I needed
to purchase for my Very Merry Christmas quilt so I'm
off to work on that now.  Hopefully I can make it till
2 pm when the Starbucks BOGO kicks in.

Quilter question:  Do you have a favorite
place online to buy batting?


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Karen said…
Cheree- Thanks for linking up your gorgeous quilt! I love it:) Better late than never! Your blog is darling and I am excited to be a follower. Have a great weekend!
Debbie said…
Your stitching looks good....so glad you picked up the gloves. I buy batting at batt-mart online. I order a case at a time--usually the quilter's dream---when it is on sale. Most of my quilts are in the 50 by 70 inch range, so this last time I bought the small bed size.
Miranda said…
I like it! And I love your little kitty. I don't know if you ever go to this blog: http://fluffysheepquilting.blogspot.com/
but she was doing a free motion practice thingy. I can't think of what she called it but each week they did a new design. I haven't tried any but it's pretty fun to see other people's :)
annemarie said…
Love your quilt - nothing like being prepared for next year.
Tanya said…
Very nice! I also had a Hallowe'en quilt that didn't quite come together in time, but it will be awesome for next year!
Jan said…
Your quilt is really, really beautiful! Thanks for the tip about the gloves. I really am terrible at free motion. Maybe they will help. I love your christmas countdown clock -- it is very motivating.
Cute quilt. I just finished a Halloween project too.
Anonymous said…
I'll bet you're pleased to have your Halloween quilt finished. It turned out great!

I'll be looking for those quilting gloves too. Last time I FMQed, I a pair of rubber gloves with grips on the finger tips, but then for hours afterward my hands smelled like rubber.
Katy Cameron said…
Well, better late than never :oD It looks great
abeachcottage said…
What a lovely quilt! Well done.