11 November 2011

Five More Doll Quilts Complete

Even though these are scrappy and had to
be thrown together very quickly, I've decided
to link up to amylouwhos mini quilt challenge
and Pocket Full of Pink's friday frolic.
But, I think I'm going to add several mini quilts
 to my "to-do" list and see how creative I can
really be with them.  How fun!

My second set of charity doll quilts are
completed, and a little earlier than I'd
 hoped--it's all about sticking to a schedule. 
(Meet the doll-quilt coordinator from
Stitchin' Therapy, and how I joined in here.) 

I played with some bright, cheery scraps and
made more wonky stars.  I tried out the binding
 method of using the backing and folding it
foward...didn't like that look at all.

But I was worried about the time so I threw
these two together just using strips/9-patch.
I put regular binding on these but instead of
hand-stitching the back, I did opt for the much
faster, but not as pretty, machine-stitching.

For the last one I really dug deep into the
basket and pretty much trashed my room
(and I can't believe I'm posting that pic) 

...the room is all back in order now, there's
an ever-so-tiny dent made in my scrap basket,
these 5 quilts will be shipped out tomorrow
and I'm already starting on a new project
that I'm pretty excited about. 
(Just dying use my new Riley Blake Christmas fabric!) 
A little more on that in a couple days.
Have a great weekend! 


Debbie said...

They look great...absolutely. Consider this good training ground for trying new techniques for binding. I'll tell you the truth....I put my bindings on all my quilts on by machine...I sew the binding to attach to the back of the quilt. Then turn to the front and press to get good corners. Then I edge stitch the binding down on the front.
I think I want to do some wonky stars after seeing yours.....maybe next year! Thanks.

annemarie said...

Love your little quilts - enjoy the weekend.

Katy Cameron said...

These look really cool, but psst, rush over and link them up to: http://www.amylouwhosews.com/2011/11/amylouwho-sew-tell-v38-mini-quilt-party.html you could win a prize :o)

Miranda said...

So does that make it 11 total? That's really great of you to make all of those. And you got to try out new things in the process. I'm sure that they all look great even if you didn't really love the technique :) They are all wonderful.

Heather said...

Just adorable!

Nancy said...

I just recently discovered your blog and really enjoy it! I think I might try your wonky stars too!

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