Doll Quilt #6: Wonky Stars

First of all:  IT SNOWED!
I'm the biggest kid when it comes to snow. 
wish we got lots more here in KS.

Second:  I actually had this post all made up
last night...and then it disappeared.  Grrr.

Now, back on topic:
Here's doll quilt #6,
 hot off the machine just last night.

I decided to teach myself how to make a
wonky star.  I've never "wonkied" anything
but it looked simple enough--it is!

There are instructions here but I didn't bother
to make triangles.  I just cut one straight edge
on my scraps of yellow and went from there.

A scrap to one side (very similar to paper piecing)...

Trim the extras off the back.

Press out and trim square back to 2 1/2".

Repeat on the other side.

Look at that--it's starting to twinkle already.

I decided that I needed to pick up the pace.  I
"cheated" and skipped the binding, layered
it together like a pillow and sewed it up.  I knew
it would make it a little bulky on the edges
because of the batting.  I did not realize it would
make the edges sew up a little crooked but
I guess it's not bad...I don't think a sweet little
girl's doll is going to mind.

I really like the colors in it.  Nice n' cheery!


Debbie said…
Super cute....and great tutorial. Thank you
Miranda said…
So cute! We really are our own worst critics, I'm sure that no one would even notice the imperfections if you didn't mention them :) The trick I've learned when you finish a quilt that way is to trim the batting right up to the stitches, that way when you topstitch it it isn't super bulky :) That's how I did my coin quilt!
Katy Cameron said…
Cute stars, love the wonk
annemarie said…
Love your wonky stars!! Snow - how neat - I grew up in Minnesota so I know what lots of snow is and I miss it. Snow is rare here in Texas.
Pippa said…
Love the doll quilt! And I love snow, too ;)
Kim said…
Wow, you did great! Its so pretty!
Gail said…
What a darling little doll quilt! You did a great job. I wish I could sew like you. I'm a self taught sewer and you should see some of my projects...lets just say it's not blog worthy.