All In a Tinsel With A Holiday Quilt

A little update on A Very Merry.

I kind of did a quilter's no-no and put two circular
fabric patterns together (both borders) but I'm a sucker
for dots.  I did make the inner green one a little bigger
and the outer a little smaller than the pattern suggested.
I wanted the green to frame it well.  Then the outer one
turned out pretty crazy but it's fun--hopefully, a nice
solid-ish binding will finish it off nicely?
(Bright pink?  The red from the poinsettias?)
I'm afraid this picture draws even more attention
to the dots. I'll definitely have to get better lighting
on the finished quilt!

Side Note:  My delimma
I'm kind of stuck as to what fabric to use for the
poinsettias.  I have the red that is also in the quilt but
I think it needs to be a completely different red
(which, in these contemporary colors is actually not easy to find!)
  I looked all over the shop for a good one and ended
up just buying more of this...but I'm not liking it.

(hard to see cel pic!)
Here is the one I'm copying--the red is much darker than the rest of the quilt.
My quilt top already has a few dark reds in it?  I'm going to check out a different
quilt shop tomorrow to see if I can't find something better.  And, this will set me back
a little for getting it done by Friday.
BUT, I digress....

I was going to say that I'm so excited about it but...
 has anyone else noticed that we say that about
everything?   And yet our language is so huge! 
So, I did a little searching and would
like to suggest some alternatives:

Charged, charged up, thrilled, keyed up, stoked, psyched,
in a tizzy, in a flutter, hopped up, worked up, hyped up, electrified, fired up, delirious, delighted, exhilarated...
just to list a few.
"In a tizzy" catches my eye but we're talking about a
Christmas quilt here so, even after all of that, I'm going
to coin my own little alternative for this occasion:

I'm all in a tinsel about getting a Christmas
quilt made this year!

See?  Just like it.  Shiny and bursting out all over!
Anything have you all in a tinsel this season?


Debbie said…
I'm all a tinsel over finishing doll quilts;)
Look for a deep red...even a burgundy for your poinsettias....most of your fabric used is in the medium to medium dark range. Hint: turn your photo to a black and white and only look at the value so far. Make it striking with a deep color.
Miranda said…
I like the dots! I think the white dots would be cute on the back too :) From looking at the inspiration pic it looks like it's just a solid dark red. Is there a Kona or other solid that is that color? It looks like it's meant to stand out and not be one of the fabrics used in the quilt so you can really pick anything you want.
What about either of these darker ones?
Denise said…
Those dots make the quilt! I love the colors in it. I would say to go with a dark red for the flowers and the binding. Cant wait to see it done bet you cant either LOL.
Katy Cameron said…
Very cute! And I never knew there were rules about not putting dots together. I swear, one day I'm going to get strung up by the quilt police, I must break so many rules regularly ;o)