20 October 2011

Whoo's The Cutest Of Them All?

I know owls have been the "thing" for quite a while,
but I still think they are just soo irresistible.

These little cuteys screeched for my
attention when I was in line at the quilt shop
having some fabric cut. 
(Go me, right?)

"Buy us!  Make us!"
You know how it goes...
Aren't they just the cutest of them all?

Back at home, I fought the instinct to cut out
20 of these little pin/needle cushions   
right off the bat owl. 
 (Experience has taught me!)

So, I just made one, tweaked one small thing,
(thank you, Ms. Experience!)
and then made 4 more.
And I now have 8 more coming to life.
Do you hear something?
  That's just the scratchy sound of me checking
more people off of my Christmas list!

Or is it the owls, crying out to you, t-whoo?
Stay t-whoo-ned...


Debbie said...

The owls are screechingly cute! A different personality for every one. Love them.

Floppin Flower said...

Ha Ha I was hearing my Christmas list being scratched off too! These are AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!

Stella said...

They are gorgeous little owls I love the blue one and would love to make one.

Anonymous said...

These are VERY cute. Could you give the pattern info, please?

donnadumouchel at aol dot com

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