A Transformation Part 1

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 Craft/Sewing Room Inspiration
When I was searching for ideas, Sew Many Ways proved to be a gold mine. 
(She says it's ok to use her pics so I hope I'm okay here!)

I love her organization, color, everything!   

I love using "free" space.  I used a black curtain rod instead
 I also like the idea of using (hanging?) little mini buckets to store pens, scissors, etc. which I've seen on pinterest--just file that info away for now.
 (I hope to provide more pics in part two.)

A Real Need 
 Better organization for the table in my sewing room.  Ideally, mounted on the wall ("free" space!) to open up more work-space on the table, but keeps the items I'll be needing within quick reach.
And I have a big blank wall in there, just waiting...

The Find
 (temporarily on my fireplace hearth here)

The Story & A Transformation
When I saw this, it was love at first sight.  Really.  “I shall name you Robert and you shall come home with me.”  Well, something like that but less cheesy.  I didn’t even care how much it was—that says a lot because I ALWAYS care.  (I’ll be more blunt--I’m pretty cheap.  I didn’t get to be a SAHM of 4 for seventeen years by luck!)  So, home came "Rob". 

First order of biz, pull off that price sticker on the bottom.  Rob is very heavy and beyond my hanging skilz so DH will be hanging this thing, and we wouldn’t want him passing out on the job.  I know my sewing room has had at LEAST 100+ days with no injuries and that’s a pretty good record, what with all the sharp objects around.

Now, it’s not quite the look I want—too rustic—so I'm actually going to paint it.  Brand new, not even on clearance, scratched or broken, and I'm painting it!  Well, whatev.  More on that later.  We’ll focus on this next thrifty part:  I found these cute little pastel-painted metal buckets last spring for—are you ready?--9 cents each.  (The cashier and I both agreed that it couldn’t be right but all of the clearance items were ringing up that way so she said it must be and hey, who am I to argue with such logic?)   My new organizer has 7 sweet hooks hanging from it.  You thinking what I’m thinking?   Uh huh—a little black paint.  That helps make up for some of the $recklessness$ at the store, right?  A more recent post on Sew Many Ways shows Karen doesn't hesitate to paint--unlike me--and the results are fantastic.   (I really want to paint the legs of my table and chairs black just like Karen's--does that make me a creeper?--and they'd look awesome...but I'm a "play-it-safe" kind of person...for now).   

The Question
Do you see that top shelf? 
It's a very dry, kind of a grayish wood--hubs says it's poplar.  The table tops in my sewing room are all pine with kind of a yellow-tint so this kinda clashes.  My options:
1) Leave it, and the whole thing'll be up and running by tonight.  Besides, it won't be all that visible when it has stuff sitting on it.
2)  Try a light stain & polyurethane--not sure about the result but I'm sure it'll be a  long time before I get to play with Rob. 
3) Simply paint it black along with the metal part. 

I have to tell you, I'm leaning toward #1.

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Katy Cameron said…
Oh, I'd love a space that big to create in, never mind all the things in Karen's room *sigh*

Still, love your new find, and I'd head to #1 too, simply because it would get you up and running again faster, and I'm not that patient!
Debbie said…
Great find...leave it and get it up. I'm not a matchy person anyway. I would kill for the kind of space in the photos.
Gail said…
What a great find Cheree! I'm with you, leave it the way it is. I can't wait to see your sewing room when you're all done. Have a wonderful weekend.
Miranda said…
I say just put it up because: 1. You could make a fancy runner to cover the wood or 2. You could always stain/paint it once it's up on the wall or 3. cover it with stuff so you will never see it :)
annemarie said…
I go with leaving it also - you can always change it up later. I have read Karens blog for such a long time and love it - her space is to die for!! You are not a creeper - thats what blogs are for - inspiration and ideas!! Enjoy your new space.
I agree I would just put it up and go ahead and be able to use it. So glad that I discovered your blog!!
Floppin Flower said…
I am going to go with the popular vote...Leave it! (wink) You can always redo it later when you are more sure of what you want to do with it. Yet if you decided to throw paint on it, then change your mind it always can be taken off and anything redone later too! It is really such an awesome piece!!!