An Owl Give-Away!

but here is a new one!

Whoo wants to win one of these cuties
Because I made one just for YOU!

They popped up at The Morning Latte
yesterday when I shared my latest project

"Buy us!  Make us!" they screeched
from across the quilt shop! 
(Above is their version.) 
And I'm so glad I did!

Today, I'm giving one away!
The winner will also receive a pattern for making
more owl pin cushions in two different sizes! 
(Yup, you can just have a whole pin cushion family!
Btw, did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament?!).
Plus, included with the pattern are instructions
to make Christmas tree ornaments!
I know, right!? 
(Are your creative wheels turning?  Mine are!)
And to top it off, I'm throwing in this set
of beautiful pearlized pins.

Think of all of your crafter friends and relatives
whoo would love one of these for Christmas!

They're a hoot to make.  Really!
Quick and assembly-line do-able!

To be eligible, you must become a follower;
Then leave just single comment letting me know
whooo you are and which owl is your favorite! 
(we'll call them Blue, Green & Pink for now)

For an optional second entry, mention this give-away 
on facebook, including a link back to this post.
Then leave a comment letting me know.

And that's it!
Give-away open till Monday 10/24 @ 11:59 pm CST.
Good luck!


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Hi Cheree, I would love to win one of your little owl pincushions.
They are so cute and cheerful !!!
How interesting - I didn't know a group of owls was called a parliament.
I'm already one of your followers and I'm just going over to post a link on my FB page.
Thanks for the chance to win. Have a great day. :)
Link posted Cheree. Please feel free to pop over to my blog and click on my Nifty Stitcher Designs FB page badge to see the link.
I hope you get lots of new foloowers! Rhianon.
Unknown said…
These are just too cute for words. I'm a follower and I'd totally love to win. It's so generous of you to include the pattern as well.
Kathleen said…
Hi! I found you through Creation Corner and now I am your follower. These owls are so cute!
Kelsey said…
I'm a new follower and these are so cute! I love the green one :)
Jennifer S. said…
Super cute! I love the pink one! Found you at Serenity Now :) I am a new follower too!
Jennifer S. said…
I shared on facebook too!
Katy Cameron said…
Oooh, how tweet! I think Mr Green is my favourite, thanks for the chance to win :o)
Heather D. said…
Thanks for the giveaway! The owls are so cute, I think the pink is my favorite. I am a new follower of your blog and would love for you to visit mine:!

Have a wonderful day.
Gail said…
Your owls are adorable! The jalapenos jams you make looks delicious. I've enjoyed my visit and have become one of your newest followers.

Have a wonderful weekend,
M-R Charbonneau said…
Oh those are so cute, Cheree! Well done! Thanks for the giveaway! And thanks for linking up tp TGIFF!
annemarie said…
These are the cutest owls I have ever seen - love the green one. I have to make these - do you sell the pattern?? Well maybe I will be lucky and win! I am a happy new follower of yours.
Sue D said…
Very cute--my favorite is the green one. I came over from creation corner blog. I became a follower.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com
Sooo adorable. I like the green one the most. I shall call her Gertrude. ;)
Gill said…
These are gorgeous! my favourite is the green!
I found you via Erin and I'm now a follower!
Unique Grandma said…
Love your owls,they're my little grandson's favorite animal all very cute my favorite is the pink one,or maybe the green one I can't make up my mind. Glad to follow your blog have a great rest of your weekend!
marble rose said…
Wow - I'm a new follower - where have you been!!!! - - - - Love all owls - can't chose sorry - - - - they are super cute!!!!

Unknown said…
Hi! I'm Amy and I'm a new follower from I Heart Naptime. I'd love to win one of these little hoots! The green is my fave too...looks like he's Mr. Popular!
Robyn said…
Love the owl pincushions! The dotted belly one is my favorite! It would be so fun to have one of these in my studio to keep me company!

On a side note I may have missed it do you have a button so I can get e-mail updates?

I just took a long arm quilting class yesterday and now I can rent their machine! Not sure where you are located but it is a great option to owning your own!
Denise said…
I'm a new follower! And since noone said they liked the blue one I have to root for him...cause he's sooooo blue and sad ;)
Bobbi said…
I love pin cushions and owls, and together they are adorable. I'm a new follower too.
I'm a follower and I like the green one! So cute!
Pippa said…
LOVE these! And so glad I found your blog ;) I have to go for green because I'm such a fan of polka dots, but they're all three quite adorable...
Hands Sew Full said…
Hi there, I just became a follower. Your owls are so cute! Any colour would be great! Thanks! I popped over from Sew Darn Crafty.
Hands Sew Full said…
I love pincushions! I posted this on my face book page too!
Dorothy said…
I just added myself as a follower and I LOVE the green one! they are just adorable
thanks for sharing
Miranda said…
I bookmarked you the other day, I do that instead because it's easier to keep track of, but now I'm a follower. These owls are so great! I have a pair of Great Horned Owls that nest in our backyard in the winter. They are so great to listen to at night. I have some pictures posted on my blog.
My favorite is the pink one!Thanks for being so generous and having a great giveaway.
Diane said…
I just became a follower and would like to win the red/pink owl. I'm hosting an owl giveaway on my blog too! We are just a couple of hoots!
Renee said…
Oh, my gosh! I am crazy about your pattern. I am in love with the green one, which I have named "Whooper". I just know that he would love to roost in my sewing room! Thanks:-)
Amy said…
Totally cuteness! And I am aware of your owl fetish as I've seen it personally in your other works of art :)
Hi, I'm Connie and a new follower! What cute owls, especially the pink one! Great giveaway.
I'm a brand new follower - I actually saw your smiling face on my blog so I clicked it and found you here. Loving all your crafty goodness!!
I also shared your link on my fan page ~
kaykatrn said…
Wow, are they cute. Strangely, I have spent the morning getting my sewing machine fixed up!! I adore "blue", the one with the daisies. I think I would give it to my SIL who is a daisy lover, and make a very red one for myself! How kind of you to share!
kaykatrn said…
I am pretty sure I shared to FB. Kathy Beaumont
I sure wish I was more computer literate!!
Elizabeth said…
They are adorable. I like the one with the pink.I love pink. I also need one because I am always dropping pins and finding them with my toes. I need pin proofing.
Deanna and Gary said…
Owls are so cute and you did such a good job on them! I love the green one he is the cutest! thanks
Debbie said…
somehow I think I missed this post last week....the owls are adorable.
Good going!
Linda said…
These are just so darn cute! I would love to win one. If I cannot be the winner I must have the shop where you bought the pattern.
I'm a new follower.
hafza said…
Hi Cheree!! I visiting from Sew Darn Crafty...Love your Owl pinchusion, they are so cute and adorable!!