One Last Picking

The DH and I picked more pumpkins
and gourds this morning. 

Other than 5 or 6 green pumpkins
and any hidden gourds--they will be revealed
at first frost--this should be it.

Sorry, I just can't resist posting
a few more pics.  Last time--I promise...

....I think....

It's just that I LOVE the colors!

I have to put them everywhere. 

I've also given a bunch away.

Adding in some mums...

I really need to get these colors into a quilt!

Did I mention that I LOVE these colors?
I hope your home is being blessed
with color as well.  :o)


What a beutiful display around your home. I love all the colours too. Thank you for sharing :)
Thanks for stopping by beurrista! I see your pumpkins here- what a GREAT assortment, and how beautiful they are all spread out around your property.