My Winter Stitching Projects List

Today I'm so happy to be linking up with:

FairyFace Designs

I'm going to at least get a start on a list of projects that
I want to complete by March of next year, though
most of my focus will be on Christmas because I make
so many of my gifts.  I will be updating this frequently over
the next few weeks so please check back regularly!  
Well, without further list:

    1)  Layer and quilt my Halloween Quilt 
    for my crafty friends and family.
    (I know, they're just so stinking cute!
    Watch for my give-away and you can
    make them too!)
    3)  Knit scarves for some family members
    4)  Learn to knit socks & maybe a hat?
    online sierra colors 896, 895, 893
    5)  Layer/quilt this w.i.p. (un-named) 
6)  A holiday quilt like this Rainy Days Quilt

7)  Knit lots of dishcloths, esp some with tulle
strips in with the yarn--great "scratchers"

8)  This Happy-Go-Lucky-Cat.  Just because.

9)  This table runner because I seem to
think I don't have enough table runners??

10)  This beautiful wall-hanging, or what about
 a whole quilt with this block idea?
11)  Make a quilt for a friend

12)  Any of the adorably cute purses out there

13)  This tissue box cover


14)  A bag for my laptop

15)  New Christmas stockings for the whole fam

16)  Pot holders (in some large amount)

17)  Would love to find a great coffee quilt pattern. 
I know what I want--just haven't found it yet.

18)  Some version of this charm quilt...but bigger. 
Trying to figure out what to applique in the
strip across the top...
UPDATE:  Have fabric purchased!

19)  Placemats to protect my poor kitchen table

20)  (Still working on the list...!)

Lastly, use my stash for baby quilts to donate.
UPDATE:  I completed 10 doll quilts, all from my stash, to donate


That Halloween quilt is going to be gorgeous...but, those owls - OMG, they are super cute!! You have lots of interesting projects there, can't wait to see how you get on with them. Thanks for linking up :-)
Miranda said…
That's a good looking list. I love the owls, they are so cute! Can't wait to see what you get done :)
That is quite a to-do list Cheree. You are going to be a busy little bee! I have quite a list to work through myself and I have that cat pattern - I have to make 2. Going to be a busy blogging time!
Manda said…
Wow lots to get done there! Love the halloween quilt! And the Rainy days will make a great quilt!
Annabella said…
That`s a big list of lovely craftiness - good luck with it!
great list - love those owls - you'll have plenty to get on with!
Love the list - the owls and the Christmas baubles block are particularly appealing! Have a great winter of stitching!
Katy Cameron said…
Love those owls! And I love that you have 'just because' items on there too :o)
Kelsey said…
What a great list! I've been wanting to make a tissue box cover too!
Pat Merkle said…
Nice list! Can't wait to see some of your projects.