17 October 2011

Mix It Up Monday: Soup Croutons

This Mix It Up Monday is really more of a tip. 
You'll have to forgive me--the DH and I took
a quick vacation to Eureka Springs, AK
this past week for some much needed R&R. 

We enjoy staying at B&B's for the more personal
touch and the wonderful breakfasts. 
The Heartstone Inn was no exception! 
Now that I have their cookbook,
maybe I'll have something to share from it soon?
I've been getting an occasional recipe from them
 on facebook for some time now--fyi.

Well, on to today's recipe, er, tip:
I'm crazy about soup!  But why top it
with boring ol' crackers?  Here's a great
idea for any cream-based soup or chowder.
(and some broth-based, tho this isn't really my choice.)
It's also quick and thrifty.

Keep your eyes on the mark-down bread rack
at your grocery store and grab a good deal or two.
My personal favs are the ryes and sour doughs.
If it's not sliced already, have the nice ladies in the
bakery dept. slice it for you.

It's really this simple: 
Use an electric knife to cut the slices into
small squares.  Put them into a freezer bag,
label it and toss into the freezer.

The next time you have soup on for dinner,

(depending on how many mouths you are feeding)
throw a cup or two of croutons on a baking sheet 
 and toast them in the oven, stirring once
during baking.  This should take about 5 to 10
minutes.  Serve hot with soup and enjoy!
During the colder months, I try to keep several
kinds of croutons ready in my freezer. 
SO MUCH BETTER than crackers!
The best soups with these croutons?
Potato, wild rice, broccoli/cheese, clam chowder--
just the first ones to come to mind.
I'd love to hear which ones you try and like!

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