I've Been Nominated!

Debbie over at Stitchin Therapy has been so kind
as to nominate me for the Versitile Blogger Award!

Debbie is a super-talented quilter
and gives wonderful tutorials!
Go have a visit--I think you'll find
her blog is a great resource for all quilters!
Someday I hope to be able to make quilts
with beautiful color & talent like hers!

Now, about this award.  To receive it, I need to
tell you a few things about me. 
Tomorrow I will list 15 blogs that I enjoy
and that I hope you will visit :o).
I grew up on a KS farm, most of which is now being developed into homes
but my husband and I bought the house that my parents built 20+ years
ago (replaced the "old farm-house") along with several acres. 
 It's been in my family for well over 100 years so I just had
to keep a little part of it--I think my dad would be proud. 

The farm girl in me has done my best to keep a little of the "farm" here: 
I have a huge vegetable garden, 2 very handy, and very-used,
herb gardens, 7 chickens and an orchard.  All of these allow me to feed
 my family the best whenever possible!

I love to cook, especially with fresh foods!  I really think eating as naturally
as possible is totally the way to go, though I still open a can here and there.  

I taught myself to sew, first clothes and in the last 10 years or so, quilts. 
"Trial and Error" can actually be a VERY effective teaching method! 
One doesn't often make the same mistake twice (but oh, have I had a lot
of "first mistakes"!).

I have always felt so incredibly blessed to be a SAHM (4 kids) that I have
always  done my best to "deserve" it.  This is another reason I
 go the extra mile garden, sew, craft & cook--it saves a lot of money
and creates the environment that I feel is best for my family.
(below, the prom dress--in the works--that I designed for my daughter)

I really can't stand television (other than football); I do love
a good (& decent!) movie, talented music and a well-written
classic novel, books of my Faith and biographies of the saints.

I'm insanely nuts for lattes, mochas--any sort of "froo-froo" coffee
I can get my hands on!  Some day when my tastes grow up,
 I'll drink it black and boring...


Debbie said…
Go, girl. I love the prom dress. Your daughter will be beautiful and so proud.
Thanks for the over the top praise....back to you.