Fall Table Runner

That's right. 
I finished another project! 

Kind of on a roll here.

This is one of the times I actually bought a
kit so I'm sure I shouldn't give directions
but how about a few "process pictures"?

Flying geese.
(Funny how these never appealed to me until I made
a whole quilt of them for my husband--all scraps!--and...
well, I ended up making TWO of those quilts!  One of which I
kept on our bed for about 5 years because it was like
a sampler of all of my fabrics!)

Basically, they are just squares sewn
diagonally onto a rectangle. 

Any basic quilt book has them
so I won't go any further there.

Next came the top and side borders.

Sew them onto the larger background fabrics,
add an outer border on the two sides and you're done.

Okay, I admit, it wasn't quite that simple.  See that
extra strip of fabric sewn in there toward the right?
I was rushing through the directions and yup,
missed that little ' 1/2" ' in the directions and
cut it too short.  You know what was great? 
That's right where the tallest gourd goes!

Ironed that puppy right over it. 

Now how did these get in here?
Oh yeah.  I took a break to decorate these 
yummy brownie bites.  Can I just say the grocery
store wanted $6/doz for these?  I grabbed a mix
and came up with more than double that for $2!
I'm really more of a home-made kinda girl but
 let's face it, it's hard to top brownie mixes
so why bother?  Plus, I needed a quick snack--
the boys had a friend over to watch football.   

All ironed on.  Ready for layering, basting and quilting.

And there you have it. 
I really didn't need another fall table runner
but I just gave my current one to my mom
(actually went with a wall-hanging that I made & gave to her last year so...)
and now we'll enjoy this one.
Once again, happy fall!

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Love your table runner Cheree and those brownie bites look delicious!!!
Debbie said…
Now that calls for chocolate! All your finishes are so wonderful. I love this one....it's the off set design that catches my eye. And the quilting looks great.