01 September 2011

Welcome September!

September is finally here!  We've had 108 degree temps for the last two days so it just doesn't FEEL like it.  But, this weekend, things are supposed to really cool off so I'm just trying to focus on other things till that beautiful weather hits.  

My sister recently came to visit all of us in KS.  Not having been able to quilt for years, she brought along several projects and set aside 2 whole days for us to work on our quilting. The idea was to complete at least one whole top, even if it wasn't super-creative or even super-well done.  First up was a set of antique feed sack squares.


After flipping though my quilt books and coming up idea-less, I realized that the "stacked coins" from the Moda Bake Shop would be perfect for these squares--they just needed to be cut in half and they'd be ready to go.  (I really love that blog!)  Sis decided to add in simple muslin between the coins to calm these crazy colors down and to add size to the quilt.  After first hitting the fabric store, we went quickly to work and finished a twin-sized top in one afternoon.     

Next we tackled these blocks that were made by a quilting group--a real challenge in that, though the blocks were supposed to measure 12 1/2", most were quite a bit off.   We set aside a few that really didn't fit the fabric theme, pulled out more muslin and did the best we could with these.  Again, not looking for blue ribbons here--she just wanted to get them DONE.  

When I wasn't needed to help with that project, I went through my fabric, books and patterns and now have two more projects to be started on soon--more on those at a later date but for now, I'm pretty darned jazzed to already have all I need for two more quilts!  (I will make a noticeable dent in that stash pile--even if it's not as epic as most quilters'--or I will not allow myself to go on the annual serious ME-time shop hop this October!)
 Anyway, my sister was thrilled to go home with two whole quilt tops completed--more than she's had time to do in over 10 years!  Ah, to bask in the glow of accomplishment!

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Ale jc said...

I too welcome September..after all these years I still feel giddy and excited about the fall..
love your new projects..oh my ...very pretty and fallish lol

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