15 September 2011

If You Got the Notion...

I keep just my favorite notions & supplies on
an old baker's rack in my sewing room. 

This antique (I'm assuming) silk thread suprised me
one day by showing up in the mail.

Any ideas of what to do with it? 

I will say, it makes me completely happy
 just how it is,
sitting in this jar on my shelves

But, should they remain just part of a collection?

And, if they are as antique as they look,
how is the quality and strength at this point?

Here is another collection: 
A whole set of DPN's, 0 - 7, all in the original packages.
(there are more back behind that are hard to see)
39 cents??

 When I was about 14, I was given a huge box
of yarn, needles and other supplies.  WOW. 
  I weeded out the yarn but, after I married,
 I dragged every one of those needles
with me to several different states and
4 different houses till I FINALLY
learned how to knit!  
How happy I was to find that I had almost
every needle I'd ever need! 

Most are pictured here but there are others
with my projects/knitting tote. 

Anyone else find their notions to be
more interesting than just "supplies"?


Unknown said...

Absolutely! I love seeing mine in my studio/hobby room as much as I like using them.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Good to know I'm not alone. I guess we just surround ourselves with what (and those whom) we love, right? Welcome, Elizabeth. :o)

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