14 September 2011

Halloween Project Preview

Just a little preview of what I'm working on now. 
I love fall fabrics!
 (Excuse the little "bend" in the top corner.  Guess it wasn't laying flat.) 

I love how the black print almost looks like
a fall wind blowing around
the pumpkins and ghosts.  
What else? 
  Stay tuned....


Debbie said...

Yes, love the silk thread...displayed in the jars. The colors are still vivid but I would worry about the strength of it today. I have mine in an antique display case along with all the old notions and sewing things I have found over the years. I think I need to re arrange mine and take a few photos. Thanks for inspiring me.

Cheree said...

Well, then I shall be happy with them just where they are at and guilt-free about it! Thank you for your input, Debbie!

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