03 September 2011

Figuring Out This Blog World

I admit it.  I've been a silent blog stalker.  I stumbled upon that first blog about a year ago.  I have no idea whose it was but I can promise you it was about something creative, and I was instantly hooked.   How wonderful to discover so many thrifty, creative, thoughtful, keeping-it-light and life-loving women.   The world opened up a little more...and yet became a little smaller at the same time. 

I also admit that blogs and bloggers intimidate me.  I think in that whole time, I posted just a few short comments--anonymously, of course.  Shame on me.   Now that I've stepped into the blogging world, I'm a little more understanding and hope to be more communicative in the future.  (I've had some real issues with the system telling me that I'm not logged in correctly...when I am!? So, it won't accept my comments.  Hopefully, I'll figure all that out soon!)

So, yes, I've finally taken the plunge and started my own.  But, oh, the pressure of a name!  Just to start, I threw one on there but all along I've been trying to come up with a better one.  I think The Morning Latte is a little more of what this is all about so, I'm heading that direction.  Be patient with me.  I'm such a newbie and have soooo much to learn!

Now, it occured to me that this whole naming process just seems to be the epitome of life lately.  Somewhere inside, I really think there's some real creativity screaming to be tapped.  But everything has gotten so busy that more and more, I find myself settling for "the best I can do right now to get it done," but wishing I had the time to be that perfectionist I once was.  Just a few short weeks into this blog, I already wish I had the time to take pictures, write more--and more creatively--and create more.  Can't there just be a time, even if it's a small one, every day where we aren't rushed like that? 

Hmm.  [pensive look]  Wait for it.......A-ha!  Mornings!  


Debbie said...

I love your photos and the name of your blog...they tell me you have an artistic eye for things, and love morning coffee. This blog life is to release your creativity at your own pace...no time clock or deadlines.
Check your settings on your google account and mark to show your email. It actually links it but does not write it out. that way you can get return comments to yours. Make sure you have the last version of your browser..ie or chrome, etc.
A message came up when I came to comment that you are set up on google friend connect?...I had to sign in again. Not sure where you change that to just google, but it would make things easier. Just tweak the settings.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I've been tweaking for hours....I think I've got at least some of it! Thank you!

I really enjoy comments and usually respond to all. Please follow away, visit often and let me know your thoughts. This blog is only to keep a personal record of my creative side. I may occasionally accept products to review but I do not collect anything else for this blog, especially not cookies or email addresses.

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