21 September 2011

A Couple of Quilt Bloopers -- A Little Honesty

Good morning!

Yesterday I layered the stacked-coins quilt
(I really need to get a name for it!). 
I pieced together this backing out of some
black/white fabric that I've had FOREVER--YAY!
It matched the theme perfectly
and I was extremely happy to move it out

I didn't have quite enough so I pieced in some black
(I really don't like solids anyway, so move it out!). 
Don't you LOVE this patching idea that
seems to be really popular? 
Makes my job of "using what I have"
sooo much thriftier easier! 

Now, here's how I put a quilt together. 
I know there are other ways
but this seems to work well for me. 
First I slide over our dining room table
and then go to work
taping the bottom layer down first. 

With the piecing of the backing, I came up
with this little method of making sure
the front was in line with the back.
I use masking tape to mark a "line-up" point
 on the top and bottom of the back.

...making sure it's long enough to stick out
from under the batting.
I'll then line these up to one of the strips
of "coins" on the top of the quilt.

And now....we'll interrupt this wonderful time
set aside for basting a quilt together
 for a wee little, ahem, blooper. 

Here's the batting that I bought....and
on top of it?  That's my quilt. 
Hanging over about an inch.  OY! 
I can honestly say that I've never
done this one before.  Sigh.
(Do Fons & Porter ever do these things???)
SO, stop everything and run to the store....

Ah, much better.

Until...yep.  ANOTHER ONE.  TWO in one day. 
I am so ashamed.  Can I blame 
these on the fact that I just
turned an age...well, I don't think I want
to give my age anymore, tho it rhymes with
...uh....um....sorty?  (*sagging shoulders*)

So, yes, I was basting along *baste, baste*
and there it was.  Upside down.  
Those darned white-on-white fabrics! 
Nope, haven't done this one before either. 
(Eleanor Burns???) 
 I tried hard to be optimistic here. 
Well, it WAS right on the outside
and therefore somewhat easy to fix.
In fact, it only took me about 20 mins.  
 It really could've been worse.  Which
has me thinking:  all of those link parties
out there...I need to figure those out
and then maybe I should have a 
craft and/or quilting bloopers linky!

"For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors
and laugh at them in our turn?"
--Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice 

But maybe it's not a good idea to focus on our errors?

Well, I have a date with my
sewing machine and I'm already late. 
Happy quilting!


Debbie said...

Love your honesty....believe me when I say we have all done the same things. That's why I buy batting in bulk and save the small pieces. And piece together smaller pieces when needed. What wrong side of fabric.....almost every quilt I do will have one of those!
But I love your masking tape to marke the center point of the backing....I haven't heard that and I will "steal" it from you! Thanks.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Wow...did I really come up with a cool & new idea? I hope so!
Yes, I've promised myself the next time batting is 50% off, I'm buying a whole roll! I think I've reached that phase in my quilting. I have my scraps for small projects, and have successfully peiced together for a big one but I was a little leary of doing that for this one as I'm not keeping it--donating it. Do you feel, if it's done properly, that the batting holds up just fine (in the wash, etc) when peiced? The one time I did it, it seemed just fine.

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