15 August 2011

Waiting for Fall

All summer long I try my hardest not to think of fall. 

I know the more I think of it, the harder it becomes for me to deal with summer.  Summer has its perks but I'm really not into the heat.  Okay, I HATE it.  And we suffered 40+ days with 100+ degrees this summer--well, that's what I heard and that's what it felt like so I'm stickin' to that one. 

Anyway, inevitably, by the time August gets here, I don't do so well at "not thinking about fall" and finally, fall decor starts popping up within my home.  Some people think I'm crazy and that I'll be sick of the decor by the time October hits. 

Well, they don't know me very well now, do they?  I'd be happy if fall were 6 months out of the year.  But I suppose then it wouldn't seem as special without that long, hot, drawn-out, ugly-heat summer wait. 

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