20 August 2011

Off to College...Without the Quilt

Today we took our oldest daughter up to KU for her first year of college life.  

And so began our first year without her.  There were a few sniffles from her siblings early this morning as I snapped a photo of them all together.  And there were a few sniffles as my husband and I walked away from her this afternoon.  It's really a shame she didn't have her quilt to go with her...but it's hard to work under these conditions: 

That lump underneath?  My cat.  She usually just plops right on top of what I'm working on until I tell her to get off, which she does...until I turn away to iron or sew and she plops right back on.  And so it goes, both of us annoyed, but enjoying the game just the same.  But this time, while I was pinning on the sashing, she felt the need to first rumple it and then climb underneath to play.   Well, THAT wasn't going to work.  Now, here we insert one of those "I'm just not that into this today" quilting moments (try not to be too aghast!).  I put everything down and walked away (doesn't that sound painful?).  I changed gears and made that last day before school a "family fun day," taking the kids to lunch and a movie, which is a very rare occurence around here!  So, I gave them all a day of "together" memories instead.  As I look at this morning's snapshot, I know I made the right decision.  Funny how God steps in like that...

Here's the clan in front of the truck that's all packed up, ready to head out.  Pretty sure you can tell which one is going off to college and which ones are staying behind to head off to school here.  Her poor brothers--they were rather choked up.  And, yes.  They miss her already.  :o)


Debbie said...

Love this story...cat, quilt, and college. It brings many fond memories back for me. Finish the quilt by fall and mid-semester when she will really need...for warmth and encouragement from home!

Ale jc said...

ahhhh another chapter unfolding in your lives..I remember those days with fondness...one down 5 more to go...I had 6 go off to University one every year....and now all graduated, great jobs, out of the house and I finally have time to quilt....( among a few other special projects)
LOVE your photos..and now finish her quilt...she will appreciate it sew much when she does get it watch and see..

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Thank you both for your encouragement. Hopefully I'll have more photos posted soon. Tomorrow is an open day!

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