04 April 2017

A Rainy Day Catch-Up

I have a personal rule to never complain about rain.
In my mind, drought is infinitely worse so when it begins
to feel more like Seattle or England around here, I stay
optimistic and just count our growing, green blessings.
Years ago, I would look upon my soggy--and thus weedy--garden 
in a panic but these rainy days, I tend to other indoor things.
Like a hot drink!
The weeds will come out in due time and order will be restored.

In between rains, I've continued to push myself physically.
I had a goal to jog a non-stop mile by the one-year "anniversary"
of my surgery.  I long for the days when five miles felt great and fun,
but there has been a lot to overcome.  And I also have pain that I still
fight daily (and nightly) so I'm kinda proud of meeting my little goal--early.
I see the neurosurgeon in a couple weeks.  I'd like to say I was as
optimistic about that as I am the rain but, I just don't know.

I've been working mentally and spiritually, too, by watching a series
of Scott Hahn videos for Lent and listening to podcasts when I walk.
My husband and I will be teaching our last Confirmation
class of the year this coming weekend.  And, I'm reading
My Battle Against Hitler by the philosopher Dietrich Von Hildebrand
and prepping to do a review on it for a blogger-friend.
I also have two other books going on the side.
All this sound like a lot?  Read on...

In the kitchen, well--a bit of a long story
but my husband and I ended up doing a dinner for over a dozen
 wonderful priests and I wanted it to be perfect. So, fanatic that I am,
I did what I always do, and that's start 2 weeks in advance.
I fed the chickens carefully to get the richest eggs.  I watched
you-tube videos on torching techniques and I tried different sugars.
(for the record, turbinado sugar won out)
And I actually got sick of creme brûlée--who does that?!?
All this just for one of the two desserts.
By the way, I beg you to try out this
lemon butter sauce on asparagus some time--oh my!  

(My preference was to cut back on that little teaspoon of sugar--almost by half.)

We really like to treat guests when we cook:
garnishes, sauces, presentation--the works.
I take my hat off to caterers--that was a whirlwind of five hours!
Though the perfectionist in me knows of those few little flaws,
every plate came back empty and with compliments so I'm doing
my best to fight my inner self and just call it a success.
More than anything, we were extremely grateful for the opportunity
to show these men our thanks for all that they do.

With the boys, we've been doing some road trip college visits.
Track season is also in full swing and, because both boys compete,
I find myself watching a lot of field events at least once a week.
(shot put, discus, triple jump, pole vault, etc)

Now, for the sewing room.

Not as much time spent there these days but yes I did get
started on two baby quilts.  I completed one just today; the top
of the second is just a few rows from being complete.  Both are
using the above pattern from Fons & Porter.

And I just realized this is getting long so I think I'm going to
stop with the above "teaser" and follow-up with the
finished quilt tomorrow hopefully, after I gift it away
to the "new" mom.  Well, it's her eighth baby but new
life is always a big celebration, right?

Maybe it's the weather?  Maybe it's all the activity but the last
couple weeks have left me feeling tired all. the. time.
so today has just been a re-charge kind of day.
I never regret pushing myself but it was just
time for a little break.  I'd take a full-on retreat or
vacation but as that's not a possibility right now,
I'm settling for another cold and rainy spring day!

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Debbie said...

I know how hard it is to accept the pain, and tiredness, but it also is part of the circle of life and healing. The important thing for me is to keep getting back up---to fight another day. Every thing that sets me back a step or two is something I fight to overcome. So a day of rest is vital.

You have always led a full and active life....church, family, kids, garden and sewing.....and it continues only slower maybe. It is all part of your journey.

Your feast sounds wonderful and I am sure you enjoyed it all. The baby quilts are beautiful too. Rains here are on the way again. Storms hit the area 2 days ago and we expect the same tonight.

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