12 January 2017

The Game Plan

I finally made my list of what I'd like to accomplish in the
sewing room this year.  I'm easy-going; I'm not going to stress it.
But I also want to stick to my goals.
So it makes me feel pretty good that the first goal listed
is already completed.  If we're going to look at signs
or indicators for the year, let's use that one!

Table Runner
Completed 1-9

Baby Quilt
This is for my niece who is due with her first girl in May.
I find the colors she's picked out for the nursery (mint green, coral)
a little difficult to work with (none in my stash) so I think
I will go with a kind of generic quilt with all kinds of colors.
Maybe even 30's fabrics.  And then I might pick up
one of her colors for the border or something.
It's no fun if it just doesn't match at all.
I don't really know her style so, I don't know...pinwheels?  
I love this quilt--just not sure I want to do all those prairie points.
Though, it would be another new thing for me to try.
And growing in knowledge in this craft is important to me.
Finish Gnome Quilt #2

Oh the gnomes.  I so love this fabric.
When I made a baby quilt out of this last year, I wanted to
keep working with it so I made these 12" blocks.  STILL have
plenty of that fabric so I'll have to make another one some day.
But for now, I'd like to get these set into a quilt.  I found some fabric
for the sashing on the shop hop so I'm good to go here.
No idea who to give it to, though?

South For the Winter quilt

Guess what?  I've already started this one.  My take on it
will be a very old-fashioned one, though, instead of batiks
as pictured.  In fact, I'm going reproduction fabrics.
In cutting these out today, I came up against my "beef"
with layer cakes and charms and all those fun little pre-cuts.
I plan on addressing this in my next post.

But anyway, I like that this is such a small, often-repeated pattern.
So many of my quilts lately have made beautiful patterns
but are noticeable only when stepping way back.
I look at this and see something that's going to look great
folded up on a shelf or laying at the foot of a bed.
It's not a special pattern, no, but I think it will round
out my quilt collection nicely.

"Catherine" line by Jo Morton
(not the brown in the back though)

I'm real "in" to reproduction fabrics right now.  They tell a story.
I've always wanted to make a Civil War quilt, too.
If anyone out there has a great book on these that they recommend,
I'd love to know.  There seem to be plenty so I should just hit the library.
Stories behind old quilts fascinate me.  It's history.
That's why I'm attracted to the Farmer's Wife Quilt.

Scrappy Log Cabin
I just have to do something with the scrap issue around here.
I was about ready to dump the whole pile in a bag and donate it
when I came across a log cabin quilt that made me re-think this.
So I did a search and several came up that I'd love to do.
I'm posting this one but I'm hesitant because, frankly,
I'm afraid I'm going to get "geesed out".  I've made a whole
lot of those things lately!

But it is beautiful, isn't it?  I'll just make the decision when I get there.

Finish Graduation Gift Quilt
This one I would love to get finished.  I hate having it sit there
but the thing is, I'm afraid if I finish it now, it will get enough
creases and folds in it by May that it won't look like a new quilt
when I gift it to my niece.  So I'm putting this off till at least April. 

Farm Fun Layer Cake
  (project unknown)
I have some ideas in mind here but more than anything,
I just want to get my layer cakes used up.  And then,
I swear on my stash, that I'm never buying one again.

Unless it's on super-clearance....

Vintage Kitchen Charm Pack
 (project unknown)

No idea what to do here but I do love these fabrics!
Again, though, I want to move out my pre-cuts.

Farmer's Wife Quilt?
And this is to be my big project of the year.  Ok, one of several.
But send in the angelic choirs, I really think this is the year I tackle
that Farmer's Wife quilt!  I even splurged and FINALLY picked up the
28 fat quarter set of Sunday Best; I got the charm pack (cringe)
last summer as a way to dip my toes in and test the water.
I swore I wouldn't pay full price for the fat quarter set though.
However, I've been watching--they're slowly disappearing so
I don't think they're going to ever hit a clearance rack.
And just last night, there was a 10% off at the Fat Quarter Shop
so I did it.  If that wasn't an obscene amount of money to spend
on more fabric when I already have plenty...!

But, on the flip side, I've thought this one over for many months.
This is a big quilt.  A big project.  And I really don't want to deal
with constantly picking out fabrics.  
And I love these bold fabrics.  Even after months and months of waiting.
So, when seen in that light, I don't think the move was all that bad.
Especially if I turn around and make it worth it, right?
If it sits on my shelf and I get tired of it, then--THEN I'll feel bad.

Finish Quilting Circling Geese
Now, last but not least, this still needs quilted.  I started out
on it a few months ago but it was very forced and didn't look good at all
so I just set it aside.  It's not like I don't want to do it--though
I definitely don't want to rip out the little bit of quilted I did do.
It's that I don't want to mess with moving my machine into
the sunroom (where there is more space) for just this quilt;
so, as soon as I get another quilt top or two ready,
this will get finished.

So there it is, the game plan for this coming year.
I even got my tab/page made up with this list to be held accountable.

After no gardening last year, I'm really needing to do a big one this
year so I know, soon enough, that will take a lot of my time.
We'll just have to see how much I can get done before

And that ice storm?  Moved back several times now from Thursday night
to Saturday morning.  I think us Kansans all see where this is going...
It's hard to take it seriously at all but, we're ready either way.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Great plans, big plans, but just making a dent in the list will be good. No police, so you don't have to finish each one yet!
As for ideas, go to my Pinterest boards. I have a board of log cabins, and there are some really good ones for you.
Baby quilt...always do pinwheels, as you can't miss with them. I agree with multi color and add the mint green and pink for the insets border and outer too.
Quilting those geese, keep it simple and don't try to over do it. Less quilting to flatten it down, means a warmer quilt.
Yes, saw the ice storm forecast for your area, it could be bad. Hunker down and be prepared. Stay safe.

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