10 August 2015

Winter's Windows: Finished! (Sort-of)

We had another wonderful rainy morning
so I've finished Winter's Windows...sort of.
I still need to add a thin border in a dark blue
Of course, I don't seem to have the right one!
and then about a 5" border in white.
These should take very little time so I think
I'm going to go ahead and call it a finish.

I was going to wait till the Shop-Hop to buy the
blue fabric but I've already got a substantial list going;
plus, the Hop isn't till October!  
One really shouldn't keep piling up quilt tops
so I'm guessing I'll make a fabric run soon.

Also on the growing shopping list is
fabric for the Farmer's Wife (!) and the backing
and binding for my last two finishes.

Meanwhile, this one could be made with scraps,
especially the blocks.
I'm going to talk about what I've started doing with my scraps tomorrow.

Completely un-planned, I might start
this next.  Or the Courthouse Stars.  Or both.
I think I need to settle down a bit!

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