15 October 2014

Happy With My Organizer & a Cricut Giveaway Link

Follow-up on my coupon organizer:

I admit to feeling a tad awkward with it but once
I attached my organizer to the cart, I was sold.  
Phone, coupons, list...all right there.
And when I saw something on sale that we needed, 
I actually had a coupon with me rather than sitting at 
home in the drawer till it expires.  

It was not a major trip to the store but I was still
able to save a few dollars because I had it with me.  

I don't always get in on give-aways but this one
has my interest so I thought I would pass it along.
My old Cricut pales compared to this one!
Not that I'm not happy with it...it would just
be great to get a new one and pass my old one
on to my daughters!

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