28 October 2014

Fall Cleaning Brought to a Quick Halt & Sewing Room Adjustment

I finally finished cleaning all of the windows!
It is amazing the difference it makes.
My whole house feels so much cleaner!
I also cleaned my front porch...again.

Then my husband rained on my parade by bringing to 
my attention the fact that he will be doing sheetrock 
work in the kitchen in just a few days.  

That stopped me up real short, real fast.
Sheetrock dust.  Everywhere.

I'm not going to think about that right now...

There's really nothing else to do but
 outdoor fall clean-up and sewing!
Speaking of cleaning and sewing,
I cleaned my sewing room--again.

Old position of table

I've been meaning to try rotating my table 90',
allowing access to three sides, rather than just one.
My concern was that it would cut the room in half
and confine my sewing machine area too much.

 However, it's not as bad as I thought and
I always have the option of putting the drop-leaf
away inside my table, making it shorter if needed.

This was such a small, little thing but now my view
when sitting at the table is so much better and I
now can easily get around while cutting and working.

Wish you could see the orchard out the window!

Funny how little changes or even just cleaning
makes the sewing room even more inviting!

I'm off to deal with a repairman/broken dryer issue--
uh, you know what?  That doesn't make for very
interesting blogging.  How about:

I'm off to go sew Christmas gifts!

Yeah.  Thought so.


Debbie said...

What a difference with that small table rotation! I think you will enjoy the view and change. As for the sheetrock....ugh! Hate the mess and dust, but it will be worth it in the end.

Katy Cameron said...

Oooh, can you come over and clean my windows now please? ;o)

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