21 August 2012

CA Trip Part II and An Announcement

We drove up and down the Napa Valley 
several times during those few days, 
discovered cute towns, wonderful restaurants, 
wined, wined and wined and then dined, 
and then wined some more. 
(no, we are not lushes--just like to enjoy the finer things on occasion!
Truth be told, we actually got kind of tired of wine!)

Then?  Up north for my nephew's wedding.

Keeping the wedding details off the inter-webs, 
(as my daughter calls it)
I would just like to post a pic of the "get away" car:

We spent several days in the Redding/Shasta County
area celebrating and visiting family. 
(if the area sounds familiar, they've been making the national news with their fires)
The drive back to San Francisco took twice as long 
but we chose to go west and then down the coast
to just take it all in.

Me in front of some giant redwoods.

I don't know about you but it's not often 
that this chick gets to feel small.  
I think we should have redwoods here in Kansas...
of course, with our wind, they'd all be bent.

Now the dh and I aren't real big on spending our 
vacations taking pictures so our few pics, which are 
mostly cell phone quality, will have to suffice.
(was that a sigh of relief?)

Before we headed back to reality, we spent our
last morning in San Fran, on the patio of our hotel,
sipping hot Starbucks in the incredibly cool air
as we watched the planes come in over the Bay.
(I think we should have a "bay area" here in Kansas too...but, as my dh puts it, 
we'd have a million more people and all the tourism to boot so I think 
I'll just be content to visit these places!)

Who'd have thought that the craft ideas that I came 
across on vacation would come from the cheesy 
airport shops?

This is printed on a tea towel 
(which I bought of course--it had my name on it!)
but I'm going to try to get creative with that little phrase.

And this?  A wine and cheese tray, lined with corks
and topped with a heavy plastic.  How cool 
would it be to use only the corks from the wines 
obtained on trips to Napa?  
("Oh, Sweetie?  We're going to have to go back a few times!")

Okay, announcement time!
In my last post I mentioned that two weddings
have come up.
Gosh, I feel old but:
 our oldest daughter has recently gotten engaged 
and will be celebrating their wedding next summer! 
Let the planning begin...


Katy Cameron said...

Looks like it was a wonderful trip! And liking the reasons to have to go back ;o)

Congrats to your daughter too :o)

Oh, and for the love of God woman, turn off the verification, it's taking me at least 4-5 attempts these days!!!

annemarie said...

Congrats to you and your daughter - how neat to be gaining a son-in-law!!

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