12 May 2012

Rambling on an Island

Once upon a time I loved to write. 
Everyone said I was very good at it.
Friends, teachers, professors.
I took notebooks with me everywhere and wrote
just for fun.  I was even fascinated by the very
physical act of writing, though my penmanship was,
 and still is, awful.  But oh, I still love a good pen. 
Sharpened pencils are the best.  And paper. 
And journals--they make my fingers twitch.
I have some pretty wicked editing skillz that help
with my kids' homework and husband's presentations.
But I think the last time I wrote something--
I mean, really wrote something--
was over 11 years ago.  Wow.
What happened to that writer?

Life happens, you know?
No, I don't write anymore but I'm still
very drawn to it. 
In another life, I'm an author and I have a cabin
where I go to work.  There, I'm so inspired that
words just flow like the breeze through the
open windows.  The breeze carries the deep 
scent of each tree and flower outside;
my words--my stories--carry deep, 
impressionable lessons and meanings of life.
They'll touch people's souls, change
their minds and win their hearts.

I've been pondering all evening why it is exactly
that our lives are so interrupted.  Why we just
can't, or won't, find the time to chase our 
passions and silly little notions.
Why do we keep our lists in buckets,
 and not out on our mirrors?

What would you do if you had a day--
one day a week or even just one day a month
that was set aside for what you want to do.  
Just as if you are at work.
Friends and relatives can't call you to ask favors
or just to talk because they all know
you are working.  If an event comes up then,
nope--sorry, you can't make it. You're booked.
You are committed.

Well, aren't you committed to....being you? 
I've been wondering, "What if I chose one day
a week that is mine (ours)?"  I know we should
not be selfish and that we should be self-less.
But lately I think there's just less and less
of that self. 

What would happen
if I told extended family and friends
"Oh, sorry--that day is off-limits."  No parties,
games or dinners.  No phone calls.  No favors.
  That's my Island Day.  "I'm unavailable."

I'm probably sounding a little rude, and maybe
anti-social but c'mon.  Admit it--you're intrigued. 
One day where others cannot "mess" with you.
And husband & kids are not "others," by the way. 
They're right there on the island with you.  
They can't be reached from the outside either.

You're laughing now.  I know--it's impossible. 
Comical even.
But doesn't it sound kind of....just sort of....

What would you do with your Island Day?
I would find that writer.
The poet.
The artist and the chef.
And maybe the designer, too.
I haven't seen them in forever.


Katy Cameron said...

Loving the sound of that island! I'd find my writer too, also long abandoned, and my inner photographer, you know, for something other than sewing items!

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

I live on my island... sure, I commute to the 'main land' daily but for the most part, I try to live on my island - and life as beautiful.

Debbie said...

Love your insights. I believe you should write more of these posts. Your words flow and touch my heart with a gentle whisper. Just chose your day and don't let it slip away.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is why a small group of us have created 'May For Me' - a designated time and place to be 'you'. Learning to allow ME time no matter how small.

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Just beautiful. We have a day like this once and again, but not often.

Pippa Armbrester said...

Wonderful post-- I think we all have these ponderings! I used to love to write as well, and I can't remember the last time I did it 'for fun' (besides my journal). I wish I gave myself more time for guitar-- and that I was better at it ;)

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