23 April 2012

Monday Morning Coffee Break

Coffee Break!
It's a gorgeous 60' out, sunny and barely
a breeze!  I've already gotten so much done today
and am heading to the sewing room soon--
(can I stay indoors when it's so nice out??)
well-deserved after a busy, productive weekend!

How was your weekend?

I cleaned our two decks and gave them both a
new coat of paint.  The adirondak chairs that my 
talented dh made about 8 years ago got a
new coat of wood preserve, along with the
siding on the chicken coop.
I aslo worked a little more in the garden
(we're enjoying fresh lettuce and asparagus!)
while my dh finished the chicken run.  Yay!

We now have some very happy chickens!
I hope it's still in time to participate in
the second hen house hop!

I need to get updated pics on how the geese
are doing but I'm having fun--with what
little time I get to spend with them, anyway.

Flora Fat Quarter Bundle Lauren & Jessi Jung for Moda Fabrics
Wow, am I enjoying these colors!

I just finished making my 6th batch of yogurt--
we're going through it like crazy, just eating it
with fresh strawberries and in smoothies.
So much to post about this week!
I'm also going to be busy with a prom dinner
for my daughter and about 14 of her friends.
What exactly did I commit to there???
Fortunately, my dh will be at the grill that night
so that takes some pressure off of me.
What's on your schedule for the week?


Katy Cameron said...

ROFL, I just love that there's a hen house hop :oD Have fun at your prom dinner!

annemarie said...

Wow you need to sit and rest - how nice that the kids will have a safe place to go on prom night. I bet your daughter is so proud of her parents for hosting this special event.

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